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The Great Palladium Theft

Submitted By:extremeblueness
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:*** (2.13)

The jewelry store in Ennuiville had recently had a theft. The police were confused by just one aspect, however, the thief had only stolen palladium. Quite a bit of palladium, at that. A quick search of the crime scene, however, gave no clues. Nonetheless, they DID get a location of a potential suspect from the witnesses.

Detective Cerveau and his assistant, Mr. Bete, had been sent by the police department to see if the suspect would let them in, as search warrants take time. When they arrived, the suspect opened the door. Cerveau started out by introducing themselves. "Mr. Vole, we're here from the police department. We have you under suspicion for a robbery that recently happened. We were wondering if you could give us a tour of your home," he said with an outstretched hand, while observing the man's reaction. "Of course," he said, "I have nothing to hide. However, you'll have to excuse my lack of a handshake, as I've developed a rash on my hands." The detective and his assistant followed Mr. Vole into his house, observing the intricate architecture, and the apparently ancient decorations. "Mr. Vole, where did you get these decorations?" Detective Cerveau asked. Vole replied, "On E-Bay. You can buy anything on there, you know." The two detectives continued to observe the decorations - several vases, a few statues, and a beautiful mirror propped up against a wall. As they concluded the tour, Vole gave the two some store-bought cookies and glasses of milk.

"Cerveau, I don't think the man has any palladium here. And even if he did, he's probably already sold it." Just then, a knock on the door was heard, turning out to be a fellow member of the EVPD with the search warrant, which had just arrived. "Mr. Bete, you've overlooked a key detail. I think I know where the palladium is, and with this search warrant, I think we can prove it.

"But Cerveau, how?"

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