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Betcha Didn't Know...

Here are random trivia questions, the "who's" and "what's" about some of the things that we use today.


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#1   Made up of mixed meat and vegetables fried in soy sauce, this "Chinese" invention was actually invented in San Francisco, USA by a young Chinese dishwasher.

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#2   His experiment in a three-legged pot over a fire in his backyard resulted in one of the world's most popular beverages, Coca-Cola. Who is he?

#3   Created by artist Peter Laird and aspiring artist/cook Kevin Eastman, these man-like reptiles display martial arts skills and are named after Renaissance artists.

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#4   Rubik's Cube (a six-sided, multi-colored puzzle cube) was invented by Bulgarian professor of architecture Erno Rubik as a mental exercise for his students.

#5   In a cold winter night in 1905, this 11-year-old kid accidentally left outside a pitcher of soda pop he was mixing with a stirrer, leading to the invention of the popular frozen treat the Popsicle. Who is he?

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#6   This breath mint/candy, invented by chocolate manufacturer Clarence A. Crane, did not do well at first because it absorbed the taste and smell of the glue and cardboard it came in. Repackaging and advertising finally earned it its popularity.

#7   The popular board game 'Scrabble' was invented by Alfred Butts during the Great Depression.

#8   What fashion designer invented the bikini, a skimpy two-piece bathing suit, for a fashion show that took place in Paris four days after the US government was scheduled to test an atomic bomb in the Marshall Islands?

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#9   In 1949, Ole Kirk Christiansen invented what popular building toy?

#10   Kindergarten teacher Mildred Hill, together with her sister, school principal Patty Hill, wrote the song "Good Morning to All". Who took and published this song with a new verse, which we know today as "Happy Birthday to You"?

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