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English Cities

From the information given, can you guess the name of the city?


Quiz ID:#17345
Fun:*** (2.29)
Difficulty:** (2.03)
Category:Geography > Cities
Created By:megabreath*




#1   I am England's second largest city. I was founded in the 6th century. I cover an area of 103.4 square miles. One of the cities I am twinned with is Chicago, Illinois.

#2   I am the most southerly city in England. I am twinned with Boppard in Germany and Morlaix in France.

#3   Thomas Beckett was murdered in my Cathedral in AD 1170. I am also the birthplace of the playwright Christopher Marlow and have a theatre named after him. I am twinned with Reims in France and I am also home to the Kent County Cricket team.

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#4   This city was founded in AD 43 by the Romans. The name they gave to it was Londinium. By which name is it now known?

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#5   I owe my name to a building that was constructed in AD 1080 by Robert II of Normandy. I am also home to a soccer team that has the nickname "The Magpies". Atlanta, in the United States, is one of the cities I am twinned with.

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#6   I was granted city status in the year AD 1853. I am the 14th most populated city in Europe. I am also home to two Premier League soccer teams.

#7   I am the largest city in the East Midlands region of England and am also England's tenth largest city. I lie on the River Soar. One of the cities I am twinned with is Chongqing in the People's Republic of China.

#8   Located in the county of Hampshire, I am England's only "Island City". I have a vast Naval history and Lord Nelson's ship "HMS Victory" sits in dry dock in my "Historic Dockyard".

#9   I am England's smallest city and am located in the county of Somerset. My cathedral was the first completely English Gothic cathedral ever built.

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#10   I am the most northerly city in England. My soccer team plays in the Scottish soccer league. I have changed hands between Scotland and England thirteen times.

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