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How much do you know about these delicious creations?


Quiz ID:#23517
Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:* (1.06)
Category:Entertainment > Food and Drink
Created By:ShadowsAca*!




#1   This pastry is somewhat mushroom-shaped. Unlike another similar kind of pastry, it usually doesn't have frosting on the top and isn't as sweet. The "English variety" of this pastry is quite a bit flatter. What is it?

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#2   This Turkish pastry consists of many thin layers of dough and a filling of nuts and honey. What is it?

#3   This pastry is named after and shaped like an animal's claw. It's often filled with almond paste, and is very sweet. What is it?

#4   The name of this pastry comes from a French word meaning "lightning". It has a cream filling, and there is icing on top. It's usually about five inches long, but only about two inches thick. What is it?

#5   This pastry is small, round, and filled with ice cream. What is it?

#6   This Austrian pastry's name comes from a German word meaning "whirlpool". It is layers of dough with a filling inside, usually apples. What is it?

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#7   These pastries are round. Some have a hole in the middle, and some are filled with a sweet filling. What are they?

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#8   If one were to take a sheet of dough, spread a sweet mixture on it, roll it up, cut it into small sections, and bake them in an oven, what would be the result?

#9   This pastry is made by taking a triangular piece of dough and rolling it up. The result is a crescent-shaped bread with a buttery taste. What is it?

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#10   This pastry is usually round or square. There are many variations of it. It consists of a crust on the bottom, filling in the middle, and sometimes another crust on top. Throwing this pastry in someone's face is considered funny. What is it?

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