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Put Them in Order 9

In this quiz you are given a list of four items that need to be put into the specified order. The items are numbered 1 through 4. To answer, either select the numerical order from a list of multiple choices, or enter the numbers in the desired order for filling in the blank. Example: Put the following four colors in alphabetical order, from first to last: (1) red, (2) yellow, (3) green, (4) blue. The answer is 4312.


Quiz ID:#32668
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Created By:cnmne*us*****




#1   Put the following four 1970s television series in order of debut, from earliest to latest: (1) "All in the Family", (2) "Charlie's Angels", (3) "Happy Days", (4) "The Waltons".

#2   Put the following four Greek gods in alphabetical order of their Roman counterparts (Bacchus, Juno, Jupiter, Sol): (1) Dionysus, (2) Helios, (3) Hera, (4) Zeus.

#3   Put the following four National Hockey League franchises in order of Stanley Cup championships in the 20th century, from most to least: (1) Boston Bruins, (2) Montreal Canadiens, (3) New York Rangers, (4) Toronto Maple Leafs.

#4   Put the following four engines from the "Shining Time Station" ("Thomas & Friends") television series in numerical order, from lowest to highest: (1) Douglas, (2) Edward, (3) James, (4) Toby.

#5   Put the following four musicals in order of winning the Tony Award for Best Musical, from earliest to latest: (1) "A Chorus Line", (2) "Cats", (3) "Fiddler on the Roof", (4) "Kiss of the Spider Woman".

#6   Put the following four inventors in alphabetical order of their inventions (air conditioner, cotton gin, safety pin, stethoscope): (1) Eli Whitney, (2) Rene Laennec, (3) Walter Hunt, (4) Willis Carrier.

#7   Put the following four mathematical constants in order of value, from least to greatest: (1) e, (2) golden ratio, (3) pi, (4) Pythagoras's constant.

#8   Put the following four United States fighter airplanes in alphabetical order of name (Eagle, Fighting Falcon, Hornet, Tomcat): (1) F-14, (2) F-15, (3) F-16, (4) F-18.

#9   Put the following four child descriptions (Monday's child is ...) in the poem "Monday's Child" in order of day of the week, from Monday through Sunday: (1) bonny and blithe, (2) full of grace, (3) full of woe, (4) loving and giving.

#10   Put the following four Canadian national parks in order of establishment, from earliest to latest: (1) Banff, (2) Elk Island, (3) Fundy, (4) Wapusk.

#11   Put the following four assassins of U.S. presidents (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy) in order of assassination occurrence, from earliest to latest: (1) Charles Guiteau, (2) John Wilkes Booth, (3) Lee Harvey Oswald, (4) Leon Czolgosz.

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#12   Put the following four military ranks (U.S. Army) in order, from highest to lowest: (1) brigadier general, (2) general, (3) lieutenant general, (4) major general.

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#13   Put the following four Mediterranean islands in order of area, from smallest to largest: (1) Corsica, (2) Crete, (3) Majorca, (4) Sicily.

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