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Drastic Wallop, or World Capitals (II)

Here are some more World Capitals in anagram form. There are several clues as to the country in question.


Quiz ID:#6222
Fun:** (2.02)
Difficulty:*** (2.43)
Category:Geography > Cities
Created By:boodlerAgb***!!!




#1   This is an East European country, which has the Adriatic Sea on the west, Montenegro and Serbia to the north, and Macedonia and Greece to the east. The anagram of the capital is "Retain". (1 word).

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#2   A South American country now, which has Argentina to the west and Brazil to the north and east, with the South Atlantic to the east. The capital's anagram is "Noted Movie". (1 word).

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#3   A little farther north is a country which is bordered on the west by Costa Rica and Colombia to the east, with the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific to the south. The anagram to this city is "Captain May" (2 words, 6 & 4).

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#4   This is one of the smallest countries in the world, and is bordered, well, all round by Italy. More than that, it is inside the boundaries of the capital! The anagram is "Can Activity". (2 words, 7 & 4).

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#5   Asia now, and this land-locked country has some of the highest mountains in the world! India is to the west and south, with China to the north and Bangladesh to the east. The capital's anagram is "Datum Hank". (1 word).

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#6   In Oceania, the next country is the eastern part of the island of New Guinea, and lies between the Coral Sea and the South Pacific Ocean, east of Indonesia. The anagram of the coastal capital (hint!) is "By Promoters". (2 words, 4 & 7).

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#7   This Caribbean country consists of two islands, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east-southeast of Puerto Rico. The anagram of the capital is "Ninja's Host". (2 words, 5 & 6, with the apostrophe in the second word).

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#8   This European country is bordered to the west and north by Belgium, by Germany to the east, and by France to the south. The anagram of the capital (and the country) is "Box Rule Gum". (1 word).

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#9   To West Africa; this country has the North Atlantic to the southwest, Guinea on its northwest and northeast, and Liberia to the southeast. The anagram for the capital is "Forewent". (1 word).

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#10   This country is an island off the east coast of Madagascar, which is itself a (much larger) island off the east coast of South Africa, in the Indian Ocean. The capital's anagram is "Spoil Tour". (2 words, 4 & 5).

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