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1 "Buddha" means "the Enlightened One". Religion > Buddhism 01/06/09
2 American Atheists is a group that defends the civil rights of atheists and advocates for a complete separation of church and state. Religion > Atheism 01/12/09
3 Atheism is the absence of belief in God or gods. Religion > Atheism 07/15/08
4 Ganesha is a god in the religion of Hinduism. Religion > Hinduism 07/02/10
5 Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. Religion > Hinduism 01/12/09
6 In Buddhism there are Four Noble Truths. Religion > Buddhism 05/16/08
7 In Christianity, the term "born again" means a spiritual birth into the family of God. Religion > Christianity 01/14/09
8 In the Bible of Christians, when Lot's wife looked back, she turned into a pillar of salt. Religion > Christianity 06/12/10
9 In the Protestant Bible, the last book of the Old Testament is Malachi. Religion > The Bible 12/30/08
10 In the Protestant Bible, there are 5 wisdom books. Religion > The Bible 12/30/08
11 In total, there are 1189 chapters in the Bible. Religion > The Bible 01/30/09
12 Jediism is a religion based on Star Wars. Religion 10/22/13
13 Jewish girls have their Bat Mitzvah when they are twelve. Religion > Judaism 10/31/08
14 Joseph Smith was the first president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the Mormons). Religion > Christianity 07/07/08
15 Judaism teaches that man has two inclinations: Yetzer HaRa and Yetzer HaTov. Yetzer HaRa is the evil or selfish inclination that leads to sin when not balanced by the Yetzer HaTov, which is the inclination to be righteous and serve God. Religion > Judaism 11/03/08

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