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Five Photographers

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Puzzle ID:#46829
Fun:*** (2.74)
Difficulty:** (1.94)
Submitted By:scullyx101
Corrected By:dragonlove




You are an up-and-coming documentary photographer and would like to gain experience by accompanying a more seasoned photographer on their next assignment. Unfortunately you don't know who's going where, what magazine hired them or what newsworthy event they've been sent to photograph. You need all the information so you can make the best decision; your future as a photographer depends on it.
Five Photographers have agreed to let you join them; Henry, Robert, Annie, Diane and Walker.
They were each hired by a different magazine; Life, Time, National Geographic, New Yorker or Vanity Fair.
They are going to either France, India, Russia, Japan, or Chile.
Their assignments are to photograph a recent natural disaster, a political election, a film festival, an embassy bombing and a major sporting event.

This is all the information you've been able to gather so far:

Diane and one of the others work for magazines that share the same 1st letter, another photographer is going to a country that begins with the same letter as their name.

Life magazine has already planned an article about the natural disaster so Time magazine is going to cover the event in France instead.

The five photographers are; Henry, the one who is covering a political election, the woman who is going to Japan, the other woman and the man who's been hired by Life Magazine.

Henry is relieved that his assignment for Time isn't going to be dangerous, but Diane is worried about her safety.

The woman who works for New Yorker, the person who works for Vanity Fair and the person covering the embassy bombing all traveled to the same continent.

The bicycle race in France is the most famous in the world and usually gets tons of news coverage, but ever since the bombings the media's focus has been mostly on India.

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