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March Madness Gone Mad!

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Puzzle ID:#39828
Fun:*** (2.75)
Difficulty:*** (2.3)
Submitted By:pokpic*us******
Corrected By:MarcM1098




The next college basketball finals, known as March Madness, was going to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The four teams who made it to the finals were the Lions, the Destroyers, the Slam Dunkers, and the Alligators. Each team is from a different city; Boston, Chicago, Dover, and Phoenix. Each team took a different airline to get to Honolulu; American Airlines, Adventure Airlines, Jet Blue, and Song. Once they arrived in Honolulu each team stayed at a different hotel. These hotels were the Hilton, the Marriott, the Red Roof Inn, and the Aloha Springs Resort. The directors of the finals created a practice schedule, the times are 8 A.M., 10 A.M., 12 P.M., and 2 P.M. Find out which team came from where, what airline they took to get to Honolulu, what hotel they stayed at, and what time each team practices.

Teams: The Lions, the Destroyers, the Slam Dunkers, and the Alligators

Cities: Boston, Chicago, Dover, and Phoenix

Airlines: American Airlines, Adventure Airlines, Jet Blue, and Song

Hotels: The Hilton, the Marriott, the Red Roof Inn, and the Aloha Springs Resort

Practice Times: 8 A.M., 10 A.M., 12 P.M., and 2 P.M.

1. The teams are, the one who practices at 12, the one who stays at the Hilton, the one who flew on Jet Blue, and the one from Chicago.

2. The Alligators faced the Boston team in the first round while the Slam Dunkers played the Dover team.

3. The Lions passed the Aloha Springs Resort where the Alligators were getting ready for their 12 P.M. practice.

4. The Destroyers flew to Hawaii on American Airlines and landed in Hawaii an hour before their afternoon practice.
(NOTE: Afternoon practice=P.M. practice)

5. The team from the Marriott drove to dinner after their team scrimmaged the Dover team.

6. The Slam Dunkers were eating breakfast in their hotel lobby at 8 A.M., right before their 10 A.M. practice.

7. The Hilton, which is next door to the Boston team's hotel, is famous for its rivalry with the Marriott, which is three doors down from the Hilton.

8. Song Airlines is famous for being very very expensive but luxurious. On the contrary, Adventure Airlines and American Airlines are cheap.

9. Chicago University, home of the Slam Dunkers, was short on money, which meant that the basketball team couldn't afford things that were a lot of money.

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