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Capitalized Change

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#1412
Fun:*** (2.58)
Difficulty:*** (2.13)
Submitted By:jokester8000***
Corrected By:boodler




What is the one word in the English language that when capitalized takes on an entirely different meaning?

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Nov 25, 2001

china = dish
China = country
mr. enigma
Mar 05, 2002

The first word in a sentence gets capitalized. Polish your shoes before you go out tomarrow. Im not talking about a country and it's capitalized.....
Apr 03, 2003

This question was on Jeopardy as the final question the other day, only they asked about a common English word that is pronounced differently when it refers to a language. Focusing on the pronunciation would be better than the capitalization.

By the way, all 3 contestants missed that one. A toughie if you have very little time to think about it!
Jul 06, 2004

English: a language
english: spin around the vertical axis (as in putting enlish on the ball)
Aug 30, 2004

August= eigth month of the year.
august= important. or even Reading= Borough of England and reading= Comprehend writing.
Jun 10, 2005

This was one of Isaac Asimov's favorites.
Dec 13, 2005

Dec 24, 2006

What about herb, job, and nice?
Sep 25, 2007

Nov 30, 2007

There are over 30 words that change meaning by capitalizing the first letter - they are called Capitolnyms

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