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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#15887
Fun:*** (2.39)
Difficulty:*** (3.02)
Submitted By:chinasteve**




I am thousands of years old,
but still growing.
I am sometimes worth a thousand words,
other times an empty box.
I sometimes have many parts,
sometimes just one.
Though I always stay at home,
you can visit me in any big city.

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Dec 25, 2003

A bit misleading. "I stay at home?" I do not see how some of these clues relate.
Dec 25, 2003

At first I thought "tree"...then I thought "picture"...then I thought "memories" or "storied/tales".. I was kinda confused.
Dec 25, 2003

sorry i made a mistake. I spelled stories as storied. Dont mind that
Dec 26, 2003

Did anybody get this?
Dec 27, 2003

Hey China Steve, my riddles get ripped for being too easy, but this one was perhaps impossible to get from those clues. Still, I've never heard a riddle about Characters before, so good effort for originality.
Dec 27, 2003

Oh, and G-unit lighten up! Let's keep our feedback positive, or at least constructive. It's not necessary to rip on somebody like that. Also, when you submit teasers others will rate them, so you'll then have the chance to be on the receiving end a little. Be honest, but be constructive if you must criticize.
Dec 29, 2003

Should'a known it had something to do with China from your name...
Hmmm... yeah, I also thought the answer was 'tree'.
I agree! G, lighten up!
Dec 30, 2003

i agree, this was confusing. the hint is misleading because even though china is on the other side of the world of the US, it really isnt for europe or other places where many of the braingle users are from. yet i liked the riddle overall. its very original!!
(user deleted)
Dec 30, 2003

I thought they went and moved China again without telling me but I checked and it's still opposite Argentina.
Dec 31, 2003

hmmmmm ok..... that was the first riddle or teaser that flew that high over my head... .... uhhhh..... congrats.... *scratches head* i think.... ........ yes... good job...
Jan 06, 2004

non-specific clues... misleading... seemed like it almost fit a lot of things and didnt really even fit the thing it was...
Jan 07, 2004

I usually am lousy at most riddles, but was even lousier at this one. I was unable to link the clues and got lost, befuddled and could not figure out what is opposite of Chicago. Plus, it's tired time now.
Jan 30, 2004

I got it in a snap

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