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Series teasers are where you try to complete the sequence of a series of letters, numbers or objects.


Puzzle ID:#17881
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:*** (2.82)
Submitted By:snaps*au****




Which letter comes next in the following sequence?

S, N, E, P, O, H, C, _

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Jun 11, 2004

i thought it wuz hard, but not 2 hard! when i saw the hint i got everything!
Jun 12, 2004

Jun 14, 2004

a little hard for the average "joe", like me but i'm not all that bright. but good puzzle anyways
Jul 16, 2004

It was very interesting and i could never think of it
Jul 17, 2004

wow! i thought it had something to do with like numbers (A=1, B=2...) until i read the hint, then i got all confused!! oh well! great teaser!
Aug 21, 2006

Kool! Very different. Great teaser.
Jun 11, 2008

My goodness! This one sure was surreal!

3 Thumbs Up!

Jun 11, 2008

Got the letter "E" right but for the wrong reason, I saw PHONES C and figured next letter to get to cell phones. No credit.
Jun 11, 2008

this was a good one. it was hard, even after the hint. i am not the brightest tool in the shed. great job!!
Jun 11, 2008

Sorry,but this was one of the dumbest teasers ever.
Jun 11, 2008

Either this was really easy, or I'm really smart. I'm going with the idea that I'm really smart! ;) Great job!!
Jun 11, 2008

Once I read the hint it became clear. I thought it was a cute puzzle.
Jun 11, 2008

nuf saw ti

rehtegot tup sdrow ynam tom drow eno saw ti gnikniht saw i tub tnih eht erofeb ti tog i
Jun 11, 2008

Ditto Auntiesis. Fun puzzle. Thanks for posting.
Jun 11, 2008

How weird.
Jun 11, 2008

Very clever! One of my favorites!!
Jun 11, 2008

Jun 11, 2008

clever, needed the hint to get it
Jul 05, 2008

I had already looked at it backwards, but that didn't spell anything - I didn't think about short words...
Apr 27, 2010

Great teaser! Bumped it up to 3.0 rating.
Jun 11, 2011

VERY clever! I didn't get it, but I love the concept. I should have looked at the hint - missed it!
Thanks! Now, Doehead - rethink your comment!
Jun 11, 2011

Good teaser - different to a lot on this site. I got it after looking at the hint.
Jun 11, 2014

I have returned because I finally realized the problem with BadBunnee. By his own admission, he is both a senior citizen and lives alone. Therefore he is a lonely old man needing people to connect with. His made up stories about a recent fantasy trip is part of his demeanor. He is a bit delusional, and his rants against others are his form of entertainment. He finds enjoyment in the back and forth banter. I have decided that none of his ravings are hurting anyone, and I can continue on making my comments without even reading his while doing so. I will just address the teaser and ignore this man who needs Braingle to survive in his fantasy world. In a way it is rather sad, but if it makes and comforts him who am I to judge?
Jun 11, 2014

Hey ...... BABE !!!!

What luck. It's almost 110 pm here and we are completing our packing for to leave in about four hours for Aukland.

Well, that ends our unexpected stay of over a week in Tokyo, but it's been pleasant. Now the real work begins.

Hey (again) ... did you notice there's fewer than 450 visitors to Braingle right now ... ??? what ... it's almost 60 am or so CST Stateside ??

Does that seem low to you?? (the visitor count, that is) ...

Maybe not ... maybe it's just my idiotic old F lonely-guy thinking ..... yeah ... I'm sure it is.

Forget I brought it up.

Although, with your prescient (look it up) and sagacious (that one, too) observation that:

"he is both a senior citizen and lives alone. Therefore he is a lonely old man needing people to connect with."

... indicates such a marvellous knowledge of the socialization of older folk that it makes one wonder ......

.... nnnaaaahhhh ... just my demented aged babbling, again.


I do, however, have another friend you should meet here on the boards.

Name of doodlinger (or something like that) ...

He thinks he's got it all figgered out, too. Both you should make a charming pair.

See ya (well, not really) ... in a few months.

Jun 11, 2014

Thank you BABE for your remarks today. At least you and I see the real truth. The sick individual that pretends to be something else does need medical help.
Jun 11, 2014

BB02: "what ... it's almost 60 am or so CST Stateside ??"

One would expect that someone who delights in trying to sound smart by using words he assumes others to do not know, would be intelligent enough to know that if it 2300 in Tokyo, that it would be 0700(NOT 0600) on the West Coast of the US.
One would further expect such an individual to know that regardless of the time difference, (most of) the US is not currently in Standard time, but Daylight time (CDT vs CST).
I am surprised that one who has as may medical problems as BB02 would also be able to make the 15+ hour flight to Japan. And then be able to go on to the 12 hour flight to New Zealand.
It is a hard enough trip at my young age. (Yes, I've been to both places).
Jun 11, 2014

Well bb can't go to NZ as stated, so we know that is another lie. The reason=They only let jackrabbits in , not JERKrabbits.
Jun 11, 2014

Here is my comment on the teaser:
I didn't have a clue until I read the hint. Tough one!
Jun 12, 2014

When I gave up and saw the answer I was glad I didn't give this more than a minute.
Jun 12, 2017

This was certainly a weird teaser to say the least, and most people did not get it and the ones that said they did makes me wonder about that also. Good for them if they did because this was a strange one.
Jun 12, 2017

Didn't get this until the hint. Even then it was a minute before the lightbulb went on. I need to learn to have more patience!
Jun 12, 2017

I never would have gotten this without the hint and even then I needed the extra bonus of 4 letter words. I'm not sure we were given enough info in the directions. Then again, it's a teaser and a sequence so the less the better.
Jun 12, 2017

Very fun, easy and entertaining teaser. I got it right away and did not need the hint.
Jun 14, 2017

I didn't read the hint and didn't get it, but I would love to try some thing like this again. Very clever - thanks for posting!

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