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Career Women?

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#19184
Fun:*** (2.68)
Difficulty:*** (2.92)
Submitted By:MrIxoliteAen****
Corrected By:4demo




What others do laterally I do upright.
My namesakes have run races but I don't compete, alright?
My cousins are dragons but not a lizard be,
I do one thing that all men can't so what can I be?

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Oct 18, 2004

cool one. never would've guessed seahorses
Oct 20, 2004

Oct 21, 2004

Oct 30, 2004

Haha, nice Chelsea. I liked this teaser. Really, I had to pound my brain to get this one. But, I didn't.... I had to read the answer. I feel guilty...
Nov 04, 2004

i actually got this one!! So proud... It was easy, actuallyif i got it!
Nov 13, 2004

hey,it was hard to me i had to look at the answer.
Nov 19, 2004

That was very hard
Nov 21, 2004

Hard but not impossible, but I couldnt do it.
Nov 21, 2004

Hmm.. I wonder. After I got the answer, I remembered that I've seen this one before (on this site). So it makes me wonder whether I would have got it otherwise (those, I definitely wouldn't have remembered the answer.. I had to figure it out).

It was pretty easy.. though the first time i couldn't do it at all! lol..
Nov 22, 2004

*reading comments*
HA I KNEW this was familiar, no WONDER I got it this time!
Nov 22, 2004

...but I don't compete ALRIGHT!
Nov 24, 2004

its confusing i dont get it
Dec 05, 2004

Hey, that was a good one! Never would have guessed that. Mind you, I KNEW all that--well, except for the sea dragon thing. Oh well, it was a very good teaser. I added it to my favourites. The poem was very good too, even though you rhymed 'be' with 'be'. Hehe.
Feb 19, 2005

That was impossible for me. The title messed with me oh so bad. I was clueless.
Apr 10, 2005

Like the famous "fish that got away" this one swam right past me! The title really threw me. Good teaser.
Aug 05, 2005

Splendid teaser.
Apr 13, 2006

Aug 24, 2007

That was completely obscure! LOL
Aug 17, 2010

Um... Female seahorses get pregnant. The males just store the eggs in their pouch.

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