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Hide and Seek

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#20495
Fun:*** (2.56)
Difficulty:*** (2.1)
Submitted By:MrIxoliteAen****
Corrected By:t4mt




What are represented here?

(Sword Slash)
(Missile strike)
(Knife stab)
(Grenade explosion)
(Laser beam)

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Jan 22, 2005

Weight isn\'t mass -.-
Jan 22, 2005

i didnt get that
Jan 23, 2005

That was cool!
But why did you name it \"hide and seek?\"
Jan 23, 2005

Because of the \"Hide and seek\" game Bush played to try to find them. Good one!
Jan 24, 2005

Thats kinda strange, but interesting
Jan 28, 2005

Clever, except as I_am_the_Omega has already said, weight and mass are not the same thing. Still, fun. The "W" at the end gave it away for me.
Jan 30, 2005

Sorry but I beg to differ here. Weight is an acceptable synonym for Mass. See Dictionary,com
Mar 09, 2005

Scientifically weight isn't mass, but over here its used in a teaser where the rules of english not science apply! Don't you agree?
Mar 09, 2005 I reiterate. See (Thesaurus section)
Mar 29, 2005

MrIx, I disagree. Scientifically, weight and mass are not the same but sometimes they are used interchangably in common language. I think wildmistyblue was correct.
Mar 30, 2005

Krishnan Wrote: but sometimes they are used interchangably in common language.

So you are agreeing with me, as that is what I was saying.
Apr 28, 2005

I dont understand how weight becomes mass.Both these terms are different weight is the force exerted by the planet on a thing while mass is the amount of matter present in it.Mass is constant everywhere while weight isnt
Apr 28, 2005

Fine, i'll change it. Could someone contact, thesaurus section and point out their mistake too. Cheers
May 01, 2005

Weight and mass are different... doesn't always tell the truth. Mass is the measure of how much matter an object contains. It is measured with a balance and uses grams (g) as its units. Weight is the measure of gravity pulling on an object. It is measured with a scale and uses Newtons (N) as its units. Science teachers always teach students the differences between the two.
Nov 02, 2005

awww i had violence of the masses.

nice work though
Nov 19, 2005

I gather that originally yhe puzzle had "weight" being destroyed, and this was changed to "mass" because mass and wweight aren't the same. Well they're not, but that wouldn't spoil the puzzle. OTOH, I find the word "mass" makes this puzzle too easy. It would be better to use "gram" which is a unit of mass. Do not use "pound", that's a unit of weight.
Jun 05, 2008

There are many unscientific comments here. Firstly, mass is not constant. If a body is accelerated within a frame of reference, it exhibits an apparent increases in mass. Secondly, weight is the force exerted by gravity on a given mass. Mass is usually measured with reference to its weight; for example a mass of 2 kg "weighs" 2 kg on Earth but would have a different weight on the moon. A scientist might determine that the gravitational force on a mass of 2 kg is 2 x 9.8 = 19.6 Newtons but your average consumer would ask for 2 kg of potatoes and expect that the scale would read 2 Kg not 19.6 Newtons. Outside of the physics lab and the mars explorer pretty much mass = weight
Good teaser BTW
Aug 21, 2013

I'm pretty sure, in the context of a REBUS TEASER -- in which EVERYTHING is just symbolism -- weight and mass are close enough to be synonyms. Lol! Now this teaser has been made worse than it's original state. I like it still though!
Jul 18, 2016

This debate has also appeared in another teaser. It's ridiculous, IMO, to think that specific scientific definitions are essential in every context. Eighsse makes a lot of sense!

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