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Well-used Truck

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#23378
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:*** (2.84)
Submitted By:Gadget*us****




Over a ten year period a truck was owned by 4 consecutive men, each a master of a different trade in a different city. From the following clues, identify the first and last names of the owners and the order in which they owned the truck. Also, each man's trade, where he worked, and the duration that he owned the truck.

1. Mike owned the truck for 3 years.

2. The plumber bought the truck new.

3. Smith did not work in Newark.

4. The fourth man owned the truck for the least amount of time, and was not the electrician.

5. The third owner's last name was Jones.

6. Joe worked in Chicago. He sold the truck to the man who owned it for 4 years.

7. Tom, the painter, did not work in Boston.

8. Pat's last name is Reilly.

9. The mason from New York sold the truck to Kelly.

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Jun 03, 2005

Loved it! Just the right amount of challenging. Some confusion about the who owned it is which order. That is not included in the grid, so I had to do that separately in order to figure out this one! Great job though!
Jun 03, 2005

Curses for making me actually write a separate mini-grid to solve it! (I needed the hint, too, sigh.)
Seriously, though, great puzzle!
Jun 03, 2005

That was a really good puzzle it was confusing but it was really good.Great Job
Jun 03, 2005

Very good teaser as it really made me work for the correct answer. Enjoyed this one!
Jun 05, 2005

i only got two people's cities and jobs mixed up! that's really good for me! nice one!
Jun 06, 2005

Jun 06, 2005

You needed a bigger grid. There is no place to show what order they owned the truck.
Jun 06, 2005

awesome puzzle
Jun 06, 2005

sorry, thought I had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, field in grid...
Jun 16, 2005

well done
Aug 26, 2005

I absolutely had to use a piece of paper to get the orders and then the puzzle solved easily. But getting the order was hard and that made it lots of fun. Leaving that out of the grid got you a nice hard rating! fun and I feel s mart again
Sep 04, 2005

Bravo!! Made me use my #2 pencil
Nov 26, 2005

had to make a separate grid and that made it that much more fun.... great job!!!!!
Jan 27, 2006

This was the BEST puzzle I have completed on this site. It kept me coming back to it over the day. GREAT JOB.
Nov 17, 2006

This was probably the most fun (or close it is easy to say in right after the fact) I have had on a puzzle. It took me damn near 2 hours because I never made the connection that the 2nd owner had to be the one to own it for 4 yrs. Once that connection was made everything was golden, but man did it elude me. Loved it!
Nov 17, 2006

Oh...and you didn't need a bigger grid. They were saying you needed a field for the owner order, but you didn't as it was just there for a subset to make eliminations...grid can be solved just fine.
Aug 31, 2007

I agree with those who say you didn't need the order on the grid. I had to get out my #2 pencil too but that aspect of the order they owned it in made it all the more fun (albeit difficult!).
Sep 16, 2007

maybe you could have a note or a note in the hint, warning people that the lenght of time owned and the order of owner ship are not the same thing?
Sep 25, 2007

I made another grid with order of ownership, and **STILL** managed to get 2 people's jobs and cities mixed up! Oh well. Excellent teaser!
Mar 20, 2008

fun puzzle! I liked the off-grid work. I don't mind as long as the puzzle can be solved without trial and error. nice job.
Jul 27, 2009

nice grid. i enjoyed the logic...not many assumptions to be made...
Jun 30, 2010

Love this one! Nice that you needed the order of ownership to solve. Much fun!
May 18, 2013

Thanks for this fantastic teaser! I loved it! Especially loved needing to pay attention to order without it being on the grid. It was a challenge to keep it all in my head without writing it down.
Aug 06, 2013

Well written puzzle. My only criticism is that the necessary hint should be one of the clues.
Jun 19, 2014

Great quiz!! Looks so simple at first but really requires a bit of thinking. Proud of me

Also, in response to spike, I didn't use the hint and got it right without guessing. Some of the clues are tricky, but all the necessary info is there!

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