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Anagram Game (Version: EASY)

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#24209
Fun:*** (2.62)
Difficulty:* (0.59)
Submitted By:weirdness_-_-***
Corrected By:4demo




This is a simple anagram game. I'll give you a description of a word, and an anagram of the word.

Can you guess the word?

Ex.: This anagram of "sore" is something you might find in a garden.

Answer: rose

1. This anagram of "save" is something that might contain tulips.

2. Leopards and Dalmatians both have this anagram of "post".

3. You may be this anagram of "ads" if you did something wrong.

4. Use this anagram of "pore" to pull something heavy.

5. This anagram of "ate" goes well with cookies.

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Jul 02, 2005

EZ. Bit boring too, but it was meant to be easy, so good job at fulfilling its purpose!
Jul 02, 2005

I liked that it was easy.
Jul 02, 2005

I guess it was GREAT if you like easy teasers.........
Jul 03, 2005

agree with riddlerman, way too easy but fun!!!
Jul 03, 2005

wow, i've never had tea and cookies...i'll have to try that.
Jul 03, 2005

That was reeeallly easy, and kind of boring...but that's just me.
Jul 05, 2005

im with Dance
Jul 05, 2005

Real easy but good!
Jul 06, 2005

tea and cookies?
Jul 07, 2005

i don't know about that cookies with tea thing but yea it was too easy.
Jul 11, 2005

I like EAT with cookies!!!!
Jul 15, 2005

It was easy, but it's supposed to be, so good teaser!
Oct 02, 2005

I tryed it on my 4yo godson and he actualy got 4 of them right. Great teaser and, i have no problem with it being easy. It's good the younger members of our cmmunity can try their hands at cute teasers like this one.
Oct 11, 2005

I liked it and i agree with Kuk i liek eat
Nov 14, 2005

Very very cute! Easy but still it was fun! Very well written too!
Jul 14, 2006

I thought the last one was eat- as in you eat a cookie
Dec 18, 2006

I liked this teaser because I never get language ones!
Jan 12, 2007

I thought milk went with cookies. I guess it depends on what kind of tea and what kind of cookie.

Good teaser though. Thank you
Apr 17, 2007

depends wat kinda cookie. ever tried apricot cookie? not so good
Apr 18, 2007

Good teaser. I am horrible at anagrams, so this one was just right for me
Apr 18, 2007

Ãœber EZ
Jan 24, 2008

Tea and Cookies? Really?
Mar 09, 2008

the tea one threw me off. but i got the rest
(user deleted)
Nov 28, 2008

Great idea and style !! Great introduction to Anagrams !!

Only your " Tea " answer possible, as "eat and cookies " just doesn't sound right.

I hope you crank out some more at this level, for the little people.

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