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Puzzle ID:#24239
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:*** (2.79)
Submitted By:aznboi1324Avn****




In the Art Gallery is a new conceptual art piece. The artist created a huge pile different paintings; periodically he picks up one of the paintings and hangs it on the wall, and adjusts it.

At 11:00, the painting titled "Number 30" was hung.

At 4:00, the painting titled "Number 240" was hung.

At 7:30, the painting titled "Number 315" was hung.

What painting will the artist hang on the wall at 9:20?

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Jul 03, 2005

Once I read a comment in which one friend was happy because he was the first one to have posted the first comment.
So this tricky teaser was a good chance for me to be the starter.
BY the way it was very hard for me.
What are you looking for?
Yes, you.
"Lonely table for one.
in a bright and crowded room."
Jul 03, 2005

Difficult, but VERY creative.

I didn't get it, but I liked it a lot.
Jul 03, 2005

i don't find it creative at all, seeing as how wherever you got this teaser from had something to do with was the brainteaser of the week some number of weeks ago...
Jul 03, 2005

lol I just wanted to bring it to the site...
Jul 04, 2005

darn my digital help at all.
Jul 04, 2005

Jul 04, 2005

i liked it! it wsa fun, and challenging!
Jul 04, 2005

I still don't get it but man it was very creative! it had me thinking for like 10 minutes doin a bunch of math! lol So did we even need a calculator?? lol It was good tho but still who actually got that??
Jul 05, 2005

i liked it and it was VERY challenging to me
Jul 06, 2005

wow, i would have never thought of that! good one.
Aug 07, 2005

Lots of fun. I recognized what the artist was doing. I did not, however, expect his work to be so precise. I should have paid closer attention to the "Number 315" painting hung at 7:30. Very nice.
Aug 18, 2005

very creative, liked it alot,,,no i didnt get it but sorry im not
Aug 21, 2005

i didn't get it but the teaser was great and fun!
Oct 08, 2005

I was thinking along the lines of: every minute, the painting number increases by 0.7 so in 210 minutes it would be...392. Ah well, wrong again.
Nov 13, 2005

Nice one! Even nicer, cos I actually got it!
Jul 04, 2007

Hard and fun!
Jan 31, 2009

Nice teaser!

It's not the angle between the hour and minute hand (as that description either describes two angles or describes the small er of the two angles depending on interpretation.) It is the clockwise angle from the hour hand to the minute hand.
Jun 03, 2013

Fun teaser. Nice combination of geometry and pattern recognition. Loved it.

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