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10 Letter Word

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#24381
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:** (1.67)
Submitted By:dutchymonster*en***!!!
Corrected By:smarty_blondy




Solve the 10 clues. Take each initial letter, to form a new 10 letter word.

1. Polite greeting
2. Opposite of begin
3. It comes from a bulb
4. Eskimo's home
5. Another name for an axe (or ax)
6. Black Sabbath front man
7. Where a child may play
8. Large vessel for liquids
9. To change something
10. Neither left, nor wrong

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Jul 09, 2005

It's pretty good. Where did helicopter come from???
Jul 09, 2005

very good got me
Jul 12, 2005

Jul 22, 2005

I knew it was helicopter as soon as i saw it... don't ask me how, cuz i dunno.

10 letter word maybe....

Jul 22, 2005

Good teaser! Oh, dutchy, can I borrow your helicopter to take a short trip to Hawaii? Promise I'll bring it back in one piece. (It does come with an operation manual - right?)
Jul 22, 2005

Great Teaser!
Sep 02, 2005

I didn't take the time to figure it out, but I still thought it was pretty good!
Sep 25, 2005

Very good teaser duchy, keep them coming!
Feb 05, 2007

oo oo! froggy and dutchy can I take a ride with you in the helicopter! I ll!

Good teaser. I knew it was helpicopter even though Ozzy and another had me stumped.
Dec 04, 2007

Good quiz!!
Dec 04, 2007

Nice teaser. Not too hard, not too easy. Made me have to think. That's the idea, right?
Dec 04, 2007

Interesting,but on the easy side for me.
Dec 04, 2007

fine teaser but very easy. i had helicopter after the first three clues.
Dec 04, 2007

Good teaser, however: I put PLANT for bulb, HATCHET for axe and YARD for park so I didn't get it.
Dec 04, 2007

Had a few answers wrong, but it became obvious and I just looked for alternative answers, and Voila ! Thanks for a good one.
Dec 04, 2007

Nice teaser - well written!
Dec 04, 2007

Nice one. I didn't get all the words, but I figured out it was helicopter.
Dec 04, 2007

That was a good one!!!!
Dec 04, 2007

I had several of the 10 right and thought it was helicopter, but I couldn't get my words to fit proberly. That was a delight. Thanks for the great teaser.

Dec 04, 2007

excellent teaser, though a bit easy for me... like to see some more of these in the near future
Dec 04, 2007

Got the word, but Chopper for Ax is bizarre (I had Hatchet). Also had Playground instead of Park.
Dec 04, 2007

I got it by the sixth clue.
good job on a good teaser.
Dec 04, 2007

A lot of the clues could have had different answers (like light and plants come from a bulb), but you have to use your head to decide which one is going to fit in the answer.
Very nice teaser (I thought), but still found it a little easy (But would probably not have bothered if it was much more difficult).

Dec 04, 2007

Good one. I got heli and then looked at the last word, got the r and knew it. All these years of crosswords finally paid off
Dec 04, 2007

That's a cool teaser!

About "Black Sabbath front man"....I'm reading The Crucible right the Black Sabbath part led me to think of Lucifer (aka the Devil), since he's the source of all evil or something like that, according to Puritan beliefs...

Well, I never would have gotten the whole teaser anyways...but it was fun to attempt on my behalf!
Dec 05, 2007

Excellent! Finally a teaser that I had to work at a little!!
Dec 04, 2010

#7 could be "playground," and #8 could be "tun," y'all. Not a particularly well-constructed puzzle.
Dec 04, 2013

I have to agree with lukasiwicz Too many possibilities.
Dec 04, 2013

There were a lot of possible answers for some of them, but you have to figure out the proper series of answers to solve it

I had 3 possible answers for #3 (light, tulip, and flower) but after solving 4 as Igloo, the final answer was obvious (to me anyway).

BTW - park and playground both start with the same letter so that would not affect the overall point of the puzzle.
Dec 04, 2013

I completely misunderstood the directions, and took them to mean that you're supposed to take the first letter of each hint and form a ten letter word that answers the hint. Example, the first hint starts with P, so the answer is Pleasantry. Also, for 7, the answer is Wonderland.
Dec 04, 2013

Yeah not the best teaser. But not bad. And, I have heard of many things called "choppers" (helicopters, motorcycles, guns, teeth), but never an ax.
Dec 10, 2016

Thanks Jaycr for helping me out on yesterdays teaser. Nice of you!
Dec 10, 2016

My first mistake was hatchet, not chopper. And I didn't have a clue about Black Sabbath. It was down hill from there! Clever puzzle though - thanks for posting!
Dec 12, 2016

I did not follow those rules right at all. I was trying to think of 10 letter words to answer all of them! Not cool.

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