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Puzzle ID:#24859
Fun:*** (3.07)
Difficulty:*** (2.57)
Submitted By:ragsdaleam****




Five dogs recently competed for best in show in the local kennel club. Each dog belonged to a different AKC group, preferred a different kind of treat, and wore a different color lead. Can you determine each dog's group, lead color, favorite treat, and the place he or she took in the show?

Note: The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a member of the Hound Group.

1. The dog with the red lead finished before the dog who liked chicken bites, but after the dog that belonged to the herding group (who is not Sadie).

2. The dog that placed third was not Rusty (who is a working dog).

3. The sporting dog placed just ahead of the one with a pink lead, and somewhere behind Charlie (who didn't like rawhide treats).

4. The hound did not like the beef or liver treats.

5. Rusty did not wear the blue lead.

6. Wags, who hated Scooby snacks, was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and his handler hated the color green, so she would never let him wear a green lead.

7. Neither Pharaoh nor Sadie liked Scooby snacks or wore green.

8. The herding dog, who hated beef biscuits, had a blue lead for good luck, but did not take first place.

9. The 3rd place dog did not wear a red lead.

10. Pharaoh is not a sporting dog.

11. The five dogs in order of rank, from 1st to 5th, were:
The one who ate Scooby snacks, Charlie, the one who loved beef biscuits, the sporting dog, and the one with the pink lead.

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Jul 25, 2005

really fun teaser
Jul 25, 2005

Good one, but clue 3 was mostly dupliated in the last clue.
Jul 25, 2005

Got it!
Jul 25, 2005

Good teaser!
Jul 25, 2005

Good one! I got stuck at one point, but finally pulled myself out of it! Keep up the great work!
Jul 26, 2005

Great teaser!! I messed up my grid the first time, but got it on the second try!!
Jul 26, 2005

Good Job! It was challenging and fun!
Jul 31, 2005

It took me more than one hour on each of 7 days to solve this thing! But I did! Great one!
Jul 31, 2005

how fun...good job...
Aug 01, 2005

I liked it a lot. The last clue gave it all, but it wasn't really duplicated with the treat part on 3. It took me longer than most and I'm glad that you told us about the RR breed group.
Aug 03, 2005

Good fun and challenging. But how could you let the hound wear pink??!!
Aug 09, 2005

i got stuck for a while, but i thought, re-read and studied and finally figured it out! i liked this 1 a lot!
Sep 03, 2005

I don't really know that much about dogs so this was hard.
Nov 16, 2005

liked it a lot. love watching dog shows, too.
Nov 17, 2005

Dec 13, 2005

like! so u love shopping n dogs?
Apr 24, 2006

This was a great teaser - made me think. I had to guess whether a Rhodesian Ridgeback was a sporting or a hound dog though. Maybe that should have been given as a hint. But good job!
Aug 05, 2006

I loved this teaser! I also have a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Scrappy-Doo (the kids named him )
Keep up the Fun teasers!!
Mar 28, 2007

Until I looked at the answer, I had no idea there was a toy group or a purple lead because neither were mentioned in any of my clues. Other than that, this teaser was a LOT of fun because I LOVE dogs. You need to work those two clues in somehow and this will be an absolutely awesome teaser!
Aug 24, 2007

really fun!!! can you make one for a cat show next?
Oct 11, 2007

great teaser! Just the right amount of thinking for me. I do have to agree with the comment on the last clue and clue 3 being repeated. You could have added the treat info in the last clue and omitted clue 3 all together. But oh well! Not my teaser to write!

jenb: the info about the Rhodesian Ridgeback is given in the intro. As someone posted before you.

To those who say all the info wasn't in the clues.....OPEN THE GRID! If you don't use the grid, then at least check for all the info before you begin these teasers. You will then know if you need to at least open the grid for the info. It is after all the "LOGIC-GRID" section. You should not penalize the author of the teaser because you can't be bothered to open the grid.
Jun 06, 2008

great job i just lub all to teaser makers its something i'd never be able to do so great job
Oct 15, 2010

I think I am prop. gonna try it tomorrow once again

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