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Hristmas Arols

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#25354
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:*** (2.39)
Submitted By:phrebh*us****
Corrected By:phrebh




Below are ten clues, each of which relates to the first line of a different Christmas carol or song. Unlike the title of the teaser, these clues only have the first letters of each of the words.

Can you figure out what songs they are?


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Aug 15, 2005

I really loved your teaser it was a lot of fun. I didn't get it at first, but I never do
(user deleted)
Aug 15, 2005

I don't know most of those songs...
Aug 15, 2005

Nice one
Aug 15, 2005

TWAGT. IEI. That was a good teaser. I enjoyed it.
Aug 15, 2005

nice 1 really hard though
Aug 15, 2005

Great teaser, there were 2 of us looking at it, and still only got 4 of them. One thing though, on rudolph the red nosed reindeer, the first line is "Well there's Dasher and Dancer, and Prancer and Vixen.." Most folks forget about the intro though. lol.
Aug 15, 2005

phrebh, fun teaser!
I think lillith is incorrect, the book I have does not show that line.

but you are missing the correct first line from "i'm getting nothing for Christmas" It starts out "I broke my bat on Johnny's head..somebody snitched on me"

Love the teaser.
Aug 16, 2005

How did you know I,m already humming carols (This happens in mid January for me) Thanks for the awesome teaser.
Aug 16, 2005

I didn't know most of the songs, but I got a few of them!!!
Aug 16, 2005

Almost got it all the Christmass carol....i missed one!!!!!
Aug 17, 2005

really fun, and lillith is right the intro is "well there's dasher and dancer, prancer and vixen, comet and cupid, donner and blitzen, but do you recall...the most famous reindeer of all..."
Aug 22, 2005

Great teaser! I absolutely love Christmas carols and Christmas time!
Aug 26, 2005

i just got one of them but still loved the teaser!!!
Sep 14, 2005

HUH??? i would have never guessed that......hhhhmmmm maybe..... ....but i liked it cuz it got me confused
Sep 18, 2005

Heehee, awsome teaser, i love to sing Christmas carols. What got me a bit stumped was the fact that we sing them in romanian, so i had to guess many of them. Still loved it, keep them coming.
Sep 26, 2005

cool teaser I got half of them
Sep 26, 2005

Phrebh is my favorite teaser. Another superb one to try and figure out. You've got me feeling all Christmassy now. Keep em coming.
Sep 26, 2005

Real hard... but really cool, I love it
Sep 26, 2005

Never heard of IGNFCMADAM. Oh well. Nice one though.
Sep 26, 2005

Less than three months til Christmas and this puts me in the mood! Thanks. Got them all by 1 & 9, and should have had those. Great job!
Sep 26, 2005

Loved this one! It's early morning for me and my brain was very slow kicking in!
Sep 26, 2005

Awesome teaser! Pretty easy, but def got me in the Christmas spirit Can't wait for the holidays!
Sep 26, 2005

Great job! I was suprised that I couldn't get a lot of these in the short time I allowed myself. I was even more suprised that I never even heard of one of them before (Number 9).
Sep 26, 2005

I got 10 right away, and then 7. After that I was stuck. It's cool how this teaser put music in my head ... happy holiday music!
Sep 26, 2005

Very good teaser! Gets ya into the holiday spirit
(user deleted)
Sep 26, 2005

made me think this morning....loved it!
Sep 26, 2005

I'm waiting for that schmattazz lamahumpa. What kinda sass has he got today?
Sep 26, 2005

It was easy to me cuz of the title. ALthough i diidnt get all of them i got most of them. I really loved it.
Sep 26, 2005

ST. IWGAILI. Sweet teaser. It was good and I liked it.
Sep 26, 2005

Ahhh the warmth of Christmas carols....the family around the glowing hearth singing Grandma got run over....brings a tear to your eye don't it?
Sep 26, 2005

i got all but one only after reading the last one JBJBJBR gave it away to me
Sep 26, 2005

great teaser
Sep 26, 2005

I have never heard of songs 4 and 9 . but I got all the other ones Good thinking on your part to come up with that kind of a teaser That will be in my favorite vault so I can ask my kids at XMAS. Thank you
Sep 26, 2005

Well, this certainly got me in the Christmas Spirit !!! THANKS!!
Sep 26, 2005

i loved it!!!!! i absolutlu love chtistmas and have already started listening to christmas music! this christmas will be extra special cause my sister has been studying in egypt for 7 months and shes coming home dec 23rd!!! so anyways i only got 2 tho... i just am not good at thinking of things even tho i knew all the songs... great teaser!!
Sep 26, 2005

I don't know many Christmas songs, but I was able to decipher at least three.
I made it
Sep 26, 2005

that is soo good!!
I loved it!!
Sep 26, 2005

Loved it thanks. My favorite was the jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock.......
Sep 26, 2005

Got all but 8 and 9...just didn't think of Frosty and didn't know the other..very good fun fun
Sep 26, 2005

I flunked. Got 50%... that's an F. Guess I'm going to get kicked out of Christmas 101! In my defense, there are a couple I'd never heard of, but regardless, there were some that I should have gotten for sure! The ones I did get right jumped right out at me... Anyway, good job... Feliz Navidad, everyone! Yeah, a little early, but the heck?
Sep 26, 2005

good grief! are we already doing christmas songs... I mean it isn't even halloween yet!
Sep 27, 2005

OMG, that was THE cutest thing EVER! Loved it, even though I didn't get ANY of them! Definitely going in my favorites! Thank you for this great teaser. God Bless!
Sep 28, 2005

That was an AWESOME teaser!!! I didn't get some of them, but...oh, well... This one is going in my favorites!!
Sep 28, 2005

very good teaser,,,i got all but blue christmas,,i remember the song but not the first line but that was great
Sep 28, 2005

I enjoyed it but..........
Sep 30, 2005

It was fun!! but 4 me, a bit hard.. lol cuz I don't know many christmas carols.. but I really enjoyed it!!
Sep 27, 2006

Cute one! Hey, where's the snow??
Sep 27, 2006


My only complain is that you've gotten the songs stuck in my head
Sep 27, 2006

Good teaser (even though I never heard of most of the songs). I got three of them!!!
Sep 27, 2006

That was really fun. I didn't know a few of them though
Sep 27, 2006

Good one
Sep 27, 2006

Enjoyed it - but must be old fashioned, as I don't think of any of those as carols - Christmas songs, yes but not carols ( an example of a carol would be SNHNAWCAWB). Got half of them - and hadn't heard of a couple, but stil had a lot of fun. Thanks.
Sep 27, 2006

BAH HUMBUG! (That's Chinese for "I only got about half of them")
Good one, though, PHREBH. Going in to my favorites for the kids at Christmas! Thanks!
Sep 27, 2006

Didn't get any, but like Nstock, I was trying to fit traditional Christmas Carols (Silent Night, Away in a Manger, etc) to the letters and wasn't thinking about Christmas songs. In my book that makes this a good teaser. Any teaser that makes me "think" is a good teaser.
Sep 27, 2006

Liked it. Got the last one first, and then the rest Wish it was closer to Christmas.
Sep 27, 2006

Thanks, all!

I also want to note that a carol is a song that may be sung while caroling, not a song with religious undertones.
Sep 27, 2006

I must be getting a little bit older now... two of these I didn't recognize. But, this is a totally Awesome teaser. The songs are mostly older ones, but the new ones can be hard to keep up with. Keep up the superb work.
Sep 27, 2006

Good one! Although I only got 6, I'm in trhe spirit.. DTHWBOHFLLLLLLLL
(user deleted)
Sep 27, 2006

Very good. I only caught 2 or 3 of them. Although I wouldn't consider #4 a carol per se. I mean would you really want to stand in front of someone's house and sing that? And I had completely forgotten about #9. Haven't heard that one in like 15 years. heh.

People caught the Rudolph one, but noone caught the White Christmas one. The into to White Christmas is:

The sun is shining, the grass is green; The orange and palm trees sway. There's never been such a day In Beverley Hills, L. A...
But it's December the twenty-fourth.. And I am longing to be up north...
Sep 27, 2006

Sep 27, 2006

Rudolph starts with the lyrics as given, and always has. The spoken word intro in the 1960's TV classic is not part of the song, even if it is sing-song.

And, yes, originally White Christmas was written with an opening verse, but Berlin dropped it. The verse was not included in either "Holiday Inn" or "White Christmas" nor was it in the two original recordings (the original 1942 master degraded so much that they had to rerecord it in 1947). It may have been included when Crosby introduced the song to the public on his radio show, The Kraft Music Hall, but since no recordings of that survive, it's hard to tell.
Sep 27, 2006

I only got a few of them. I was looking for more traditional Christmas carols. But then, I do love Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer!

I was singing every song I could think of to try and make them fit: Silent Night, Deck the Halls, We Three Kings, O Come All Ye Faithful, etc. Man this one was hard.

I really enjoyed this teaser!
Sep 27, 2006

... and now, thanks to YU ...
Sep 27, 2006

Very fun, but why didn't you wait to submit this for Xmas season? Also, never heard of the song "I'm Gettin' Nothin' for Christmas".
Sep 27, 2006

Greatly enjoyed it! I only solved 4 but it really got me thinking!

I, too, have never heard of number 9 and I was also looking for ones I would know right away (Deck The Halls, Silent Night, etc.)

Good job!!!
Sep 27, 2006

This was awesome! I only got 3 but it was sooo clever.
Sep 27, 2006

Never heard of #9. Good one though.
Sep 27, 2006

that was a lot of fun, but really hard
Good one though
Sep 27, 2006

I never heard of #4 or #9--still, I loved this teaser!
Sep 28, 2006

I didn't catch on at first. When I did I really enjoyed trying to solve.Good One.
Sep 28, 2006

This was fun, though chosen as teaser of the day WAY too early, and I'm with Rach_ ... I'm not entirely happy that the songs are now stuck in my head...

At least I got em all! I guess I'm a certified Christmas song-singing freak. My family has a long-standing Christmastime tradition of a Christmas Carol singalong (and yes, I would consider all of these caroley enough to qualify!)
Sep 28, 2006

Technically, I missed 4. I A Christmas Song and didn't catch the Chestnuts bit anyway. I don't know how I missed "Blue Christmas". I thought Elvis Presley did it beautifully. but two of them were just crass abominations. They're not Christmas songs or carols just crude jokes by crude immature minds. I had never heard of one of them before. It's embarassing to have other cultures think this is part of the U. S. idea of Christmas.

Having said that, we value free speech and these songs have entered common usage apparently.

I love the style of the brainteaser and hope to see more use of this technique. Poetry, famous literature?Thanks Phrebh for a clever teaser.
Sep 30, 2006

Oct 03, 2006

Ho! Ho! Ho! Good one Phrebh. I loved it! Was hard for me too as I was going over the traditional ones, that is what made it so much fun. And as for immature minds and the world thinking we are low grade, I bet there isn't much joy, or maybe I should say laughter in that home. People all over the world have humor. Where is yours? My Lord has a sense of humor! More please, Phrebh.
Sep 05, 2009

i #3
Sep 05, 2009

i #3
Sep 27, 2009

Good Teaser, but how did it get to be teaser of the day? I would save Christmas teasers until December.
Sep 27, 2009

Yes, it's a little early for Christmas songs, but good teaser, I missed "Frosty" and I never heard of #9.
Sep 27, 2009

Missed Grandma and I'm Gettin' Nothing for Christmas...very fun! Thanks!
Sep 27, 2009

I only got 5 or 6 and they were hard. Now I'll have Christmas songs in my head all day. Really fun teaser, difficult but fun.
Oct 01, 2009

Interesting and Fun! Snowman is one word, though!
Sep 27, 2012

A lot of people making corrections. I had a struggle with it as I was looking for more of traditional Christmas song. Like Silent Night. We Three Kings, Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem, etc and did not see any of them so gave up.
Sep 27, 2012

I don't do Christmas in Sept. I'll come back to this one in a few months.
Sep 27, 2012

Good teaser. Got them all. lillith is right thought. Rudolph starts with "you know dasher and dancer and prancer and vixen....." Still fun though!
Sep 27, 2012

Fun teaser, didn't get them all missed one I don't remember at all.
Sep 27, 2015

There are a few issues with some of the lyrics and it is called. " THE Christmas Song" (not A Christmas Song). That, and the fact these are songs not Carols (carols are the more relgious based songs).
And I am with those who think it is a bit early for a Christmas themed quiz. Even though I have finished shopping and wrapping all my gifts, I still do not want Christmas shoved down my throat quite yet. Let's get through Thanksgiving and Halloween first (or Halloween and Thankgiving if you are in the States).
Sep 27, 2015

These are not Christmas Carols ... they are Christmas Songs ... and whether you like the idea or not there are still a lot of us Christians out here who would like to be represented when you're celebrating a holiday (HOLY DAY) that is supposed to be all about the coming to earth of our God!
Sep 27, 2015

I guess number 9 was more of a regional novelty hit somewhere as I'd never really heard it before. It actually took a few re-reads to grasp just what the task at hand was supposed to be.

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