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The Better Sting

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#25715
Fun:*** (3.07)
Difficulty:** (1.66)
Submitted By:lisha_kc*de****




All answers end in sting and the whole word is obtained in the clues below.

eg: A sting that cures fatigue
answer: reSTING

1. A sting that cures hunger
2. A sting that cleans your room
3. A sting that makes you laugh
4. A sting that cooks your meat
5. A sting that spoils your tools
6. A sting that holds your attention
7. A sting that some observe in Lent
8. A sting that cooks are always using
9. A sting that browns your bread

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Sep 01, 2005

He He... I'm the first one to comment on this teaser! I thought that it was really kool. It's goin right to my favos!
Sep 02, 2005

This is a STING which a mail man can do. (Posting (a comment))
Sep 02, 2005

Very cute!! I got digesting for #1...
Sep 02, 2005

Very cute!! I got digesting for #1...
Sep 02, 2005

Good one! I got digesting for #1and basting for #8. Sadly to admit, I didn't get the last one (probably the easiest). I am now resting.
(user deleted)
Sep 03, 2005

very nice i had lots of fun doing it
Sep 09, 2005

Very clever, great teaser. I had a lot of fun solving it. Keep up the great work
Sep 14, 2005

I got "basting" too for the cook question, but really fun to do overall!
Sep 17, 2005

Briliant, i had loads of fun with it! Keep them coming as i really enjoyed working on this one!
Oct 23, 2007

This was really a fun quiz! I got basting for #8 though!
Jan 11, 2008

a really fun quiz keep up the good work
Jan 11, 2008

Good one.
Jan 11, 2008

Easy but fun. There are lots of things cooks do that end in STING.
Jan 11, 2008

Good job!! But how is the whole word in the clue....I couldn't figure that part out. I knew the words but, I thought I was wrong because it was not in the clue.
But, like I said good job!!
Jan 11, 2008

Nice teaser. Took a minute to figure out what was wanted, then they all came quite easily. I agree with Dstarbird, there are a lot of things that cooks do that end in sting.
Jan 11, 2008

Easy one but lots of fun. Many substitute words will work also..Arresting, basting, roasting...
Jan 11, 2008

Ditto to above comment
Jan 11, 2008

Loved this one, only missed jesting. Very cool teaser. Thanks
Jan 11, 2008

Jan 11, 2008

I got 7 of 9. This was a lot of fun.
Jan 11, 2008

Very nice, I got them all!!! Yay me...
Jan 11, 2008

I didn't understand the part that said the whole word was contained in the clue. I was looking for consecutive letters to add to the sting. Now that I know you can use any letters there are tons of possibilities.
Jan 11, 2008

brilliant and original... had complete fun solving this one, tough i came up with alternate answers for some also
Jan 11, 2008

(sp) though
Jan 11, 2008

Excellent teaser. Thanks.
Jan 11, 2008

Enjoyed it very much Managed to get most of them. It made a lasting impression.
Jan 11, 2008

That was a great teaser. I got them all but you had to really think on a few of them. Thanks for posting this wonderful teaser.

(user deleted)
Jan 11, 2008

Also, on #1, it could be "ingesting."
#8 - "basting." as when cooks baste meat, etc...
Jan 11, 2008

great teaser this is really cool and I hope you make more thanks
Jan 11, 2008

I got basting for #8 along with the others
Jan 11, 2008

got the last two-- interesting was my fave. I liked it a lot! Thanx!
Jan 11, 2008

Awesome! Loved it! Keep more like it coming. It was fun. :]
Jan 11, 2008

Couldn't for the life of me get interesting but got all the others (well, basting instead of tasting but I"m counting it!). Great puzzle, had a blast doing it!
Jan 11, 2008

Fun stuff, thank you. Got all but #3 and #8 ... didn't have the patience to think too long on them.
Jan 12, 2008

I got all but #3. Which really stings, now that I see the answer. I like breakfasting for #1
Jan 12, 2008

great idea! i enjoyed it, even though i got quite a few wrong.
Jan 14, 2008

Good one! I was thinking of basting for #4 but I guess roasting is the better answer.
Apr 04, 2009

I also thought of some different words, but it was fun. Thanks!
Jan 11, 2011

"Arresting" also works very well for #6.
Jan 11, 2011

Basting also works for # 8. Good quiz
Jan 11, 2011

I'd tell you how I did, but I don't want to be guilty of boasting

It would seem there are enough of these that it might we worth a part 2.

thanks - I enjoyed it.
Jan 11, 2014

Very good teaser. I got them all, but #6 I got basting for #8 so since it is also correct I just missed the one. Loved it!
Jan 11, 2014

Pretty easy because I've seen it before. Why are the editors resiSTING all the new material at their fingertips?
Jan 11, 2014

I thought "digesting" too - got the rest. My first guess for #1 was fasting, but changed to digesting when I got to (lent).
Jan 11, 2014

I had roasting, toasting and basting for number 8.
Fasting would not work for #1 since the clue says "cures hunger" and fasting causes it.
Jan 11, 2014

also had basting, and missed jesting-funny, since I kept trying to find a place to put 'jousting'... I liked it!
Jan 11, 2014

there are lots of other answers which fit the parameters.....ESOECIALLY with the 2 "cook " ones. but easy and clever
Feb 18, 2015

Also said basting for #8. I didn't get jesting - I said 'bursting' with laughter
Jan 11, 2017

Tasting and Interesting - I didn't get those two! But that was a lot of fun.

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