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Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#2783
Fun:*** (2.17)
Difficulty:* (0.9)
Submitted By:rayneeday***
Corrected By:fishmed




Can you decipher the following common phrase?


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Mar 24, 2002

where does the penny come into it.
.01 does not represent a penny, $0.01 or even £0.01 would, but not just .01 on its own.
Mar 26, 2002

give it a break mad-ade... i've gone through a lot of these and haven't seen any thing good from you... you're just a whiner.
Mar 29, 2002

Gove it a break, mad-ade. Your just jealous. .01 can represent a penny!
Dec 31, 2003

I have to agree with mad on this one, .01 isnt a penny. (and no i am neither "jealous" nor a "whiner") When you see .01 you wouldnt automatically add £ or $ to make it a penny, because if you can do that you could just assume that its grams and have " a hundreth of a gram for your thoughts", or any other symbols/measurements you could add. Had there been a £ or $ then this teaser would have been good, but as it is it doesnt work.
Jul 01, 2004

Americans might call $.01 a penny, but that is not what it is called on the world market, so it would need to be denoted in one of the currencies that has pence as part of its currence, with .01 being a penny and recognised as such on the world market.
Jul 20, 2004

I agree with the representation of the currency (which has obviously been fixed since original posting). Funnily enough I was just mucking around myself in a message board and was asking for people's thoughts in response to something I wrote and just to have fun I wrote this exact teaser (and I have never seen it) however I wrote it as A US cent yourthoughtyourthoughtyourthoughtyourthought
Jul 29, 2005


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