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Oxy the Moron! Part IV

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#30330
Fun:*** (2.96)
Difficulty:*** (2.31)
Submitted By:Swordoffury1392*us******
Corrected By:brainster




Oxy has returned to the building! *crowd applauds*

Task (once again):
Can you figure out which well known oxymorons these words are?
Ex) Initial facsimile = original copy

1) Urbane defiance
2) Specific possibility
3) Bogus truth
4) Big tiny
5) Gravely comical


1) Civil Disobedience
2) Definite maybe
3) False fact
4) Jumbo shrimp
5) Seriously funny

Oxy has left the building (at least for now...)


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May 07, 2006

GR8 teasters - These are my favorite for sure.
May 07, 2006

I LOVE oxymorons, so this teaser was right up my alley
(user deleted)
May 07, 2006

That was
May 07, 2006

Neat...but while "Civil Disobedience" is definitely a common term, and could, at a stretch, be interpreted as an oxymoron, I'm not convined you could call it a "well known oxymoron", as its normal usage is not contradictory.
May 08, 2006

I got this one, but I really liked it!
May 09, 2006

These are one of my favorites!! Keep 'em coming!
Jun 25, 2006

Great! I really like these sorts.
Mar 06, 2008

Nice teaser. Had to really think about them, but eventually got them all. Thanks for posting.
Mar 06, 2008

What's an oxymoron?
Mar 06, 2008

#4 isn't quite in the same patterns as all the others. Shrimp is actually slang for tiny, but if you said something like "Big seafood" or something, it would make sense. o_o
Mar 06, 2008

Not my bag.Missed two of them.
Mar 06, 2008

I'm not familiar with "false fact" but still fun.
Mar 06, 2008

"What's an oxymoron?"

One who sells cleaning products in an informercial! (e.g. Billy Mays)
Mar 06, 2008

Very good . Not too easy, but not too hard. Love oxymorons. I was thinking "civil war", but your answer is just as good.

An oxymoron is a phrase that has 2 opposite words Like Jumbo Shrimp. Jumbo means big, shrimp means little.
Mar 06, 2008

Not my bag either! I didn't get any of them. Close on a couple. Sleep deprivation not good. Caffeine please?
Thanks for posting Good One!!!!!!!
Mar 06, 2008

those were fun!
Mar 06, 2008

That was a hoot. Loved it. Nice job and thanks for the great teaser.

Mar 06, 2008

That was badly good..
Mar 06, 2008

It was hard, but after I learned what an oxymoron was, it made perfect sense.
Mar 06, 2008

I loved this one Only got 2 of them right Which made it all the more fun when I read the answers Like to try another one
Mar 06, 2008

False reality fits better than fase fact, and it is more common.
Mar 06, 2008

"That was badly good.."

Don't you mean awfully good? xD
Mar 06, 2008

Way too hard for me. looking at the answers was the fun part. Thanks for posting.
Mar 06, 2011

I like "true fact" better than "false fact." Turn red in the face when I hear that one. Good job.
Mar 07, 2014

Yeah I have never heard of a "false fact." Good teaser though!
Mar 07, 2014

Mad at myself for missing civil disobedience I should have racked my brain more Thoreau-ly
Mar 07, 2017

People who complain about 'false fact" are doing it why? Aren't oxymorons supposed to be just opposites? These are, so what do you mean you never heard of it.? They are opposites. period!! Strange people

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