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What is Unusual About this Paragraph?

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#327
Fun:**** (3.1)
Difficulty:*** (2.19)
Submitted By:Phyllis*****!
Corrected By:rose_rox




How quickly can you find out what is so unusual about this paragraph? It looks so ordinary that you would think that nothing is wrong with it at all, and, in fact, nothing is. But it is unusual. Why? If you study it and think about it, you may find out, but I am not going to assist you in any way. You must do it without coaching. No doubt, if you work at it for long, it will dawn on you. Who knows? Go to work and try your skill. Par is about half an hour.


The letter `e` , which is the most used letter in the alphabet, is missing from this paragraph.

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Apr 15, 2002

No way you thought of that on your own.
Feb 14, 2003

I have got that riddle as well.
Dec 28, 2003

Fun teaser! And why is Mogmatt so uptight? Mog, my friend, take a vacation to a peaceful place.
Mar 05, 2004

oops i accidently sent in a teaser like this one though mine has different wording. P.S. I was looking for my riddle and see if it got submitted when i saw som1 else had it
Dec 06, 2004

that was cool, i never would of geussed the "e" was missing
Sep 25, 2005

I enjoyed this one, fun, and ita a bit hard as well. Great Teaser!!!
Oct 26, 2005

Kind of like a book I know of. Over 15 000, or was it 50 000 words without the letter e.
Oct 28, 2005

what a good tasr. vry nic...grat
Nov 10, 2005

Nov 19, 2005

I love this teaser, it's very fun. Glad I could see it again ^_^
Nov 22, 2005

Thats awesome!
Nov 25, 2005

from the comments I've read so far. 1/2 hour? I got it on the first read through! Keep them coming though, I don't see enough of these.
Nov 25, 2005

Nov 25, 2005

Saw it. The first day I saw this conundrum I got it on my first try. It was nt hard to find that it didnt contain that particular digit. Good work though. Fun stuff!! Good-day!!
(user deleted)
Nov 25, 2005

Excellent teaser - really had to think!
Nov 25, 2005

Mog was right though...this teaser coms right out of some book, quite literally.
Nov 25, 2005

Very good - this type of composition is known as a lipogram.
Nov 25, 2005

Spotted it in about 5 minutes, because I was looking for the word 'where'...don't ask.

Nov 25, 2005

Have seen similar before, but not so long as this one
Nov 25, 2005

Very good teaser but wow, thats got to be my quickest solution ever. Took just less than 2 seconds according to my watch. However, i guess it does not count when you have seen the teaser elsewhere on television. Nevertheless, it is good to see it here on braingle.
Nov 25, 2005

i don't care wat other people think. i thought that was really cool.
i would have never guessed.
good job!!!!!
Nov 25, 2005

I've seen this one before a long time ago in a Reader's Digest magazine. Shortly thereafter, it started getting circulated around in email forwards, so I was able to get it right away. However, the first time I ever saw this one, I couldn't get the answer, so in all, I think this was a really good teaser.
Nov 25, 2005

Great teaser.
Nov 25, 2005

You know, I looked at that paragraph for like 5 minutes, and I finally realized that it wasn't indented. Still wrong! Ah!

Nov 25, 2005

Closer to 10 seconds, but a fun riddle. never saw it before.
Nov 25, 2005

Got it right away. Have seen it many times over.
Nov 25, 2005

I would have never guessed! Very clever! I guess I need to pay more attention!
Nov 25, 2005

That's pretty cool how you can write an entire paragraph without an e. I thought it would be that the paragraph was not indented. But that comes from a grammer freak, so ya. Good job anyway.
Nov 25, 2005

I was on a completely different track.... looking for meanings behind key words. and trying to make sense of them!!!

Egads!! .... and I call myself an ENGLISH major??!!!!
Nov 25, 2005

there is no e missing from the paragraph and u i copy and paste it on to microsoft words and did spelling check and it didn't correct and e and i know that for a fact cuase you can check it for yourself
Nov 25, 2005

Two thumbs up!
Nov 25, 2005

didnt get it oh well good teaser
Nov 25, 2005

A very, very old one.
Nov 25, 2005

mmoffia, please tell us you were kidding. if not, that might be the funniest comment i've ever seen on this site.
Nov 25, 2005

I have to agree, GMoney. That is hilarious, whether he is kidding or not.
Nov 25, 2005

Easy. But the first thing i noticed was that it was not indented. (Not that i'm shure that matters on the computer.)
Nov 25, 2005

dat was hard..still dont get it but w/e
Nov 25, 2005

I didn't get it... I thought that it was that it wasn't indented....I didn't even think about looking at the letters!
Nov 25, 2005

man that was pretty clever!!!
Nov 25, 2005

Think about it, Lycanthrope! It has to take a half hour because there is an e in "second" and "minute" and "quarter" so it's the shortest expression for a length of time without an "e". No, it's the only expression for a short length of time....... If you see what I mean. I've got a bit garbled! I sometimes wish I'd never started!!!!!!!
Anyway, great teaser. Got it quick, but I suspect I've seen it somewhere before. I'm not usually that bright!
Nov 25, 2005

P.S. Do people still indent paragraphs?
Nov 25, 2005

wow, i actually feel smart! i got it!!!

maybe it's because i've seen this one before. lol
Nov 25, 2005

This came straight from mind trap, but even the first time i saw it, i got it right away.

good one though.
Nov 25, 2005

that was Ez
Nov 25, 2005

It's pretty lame when most of the comments are people saying they got it but that they had seen it before. So much for originality. Sorry, but I thought it was boring.
Nov 25, 2005

I liked it...I have seen it before and still did not get it As for the people who are so negative, get over it....Great job
Nov 25, 2005

good job, it is unusual
Nov 25, 2005

Question Mark, i know what book your thinking about, it was french wasnt it?
Nov 25, 2005

Great one. never would've got it.
Nov 25, 2005

Good one!! This was fun! I guessed the answer was the word "the" isn't used...I was close, but wrong!! lol
Nov 25, 2005

Did not get it... Great teaser!!
Nov 25, 2005

I love it!! Very Challenging. Whoever came up with this must have been doing some hard thinking.
Nov 25, 2005

how does every1 get these teasers or riddles so fast? i can never get them rite while ever1 else is like "Oh That Was So Easy!"

GRRRR! lol

it was a good 1 tho!
Nov 25, 2005

boring, boring! Most people wont get it,,justs like i didnt.
Nov 25, 2005

this was a very good teaser bt it was kind of easy
Nov 25, 2005

I didn't even come close....but that's just because I'm stupid. Oh well.
Nov 25, 2005

That was really entertaining! Got it right away, but, arent paragraphs supposed to be indented? Just a thought. that was great.
Nov 25, 2005

WELL DONE Spent 20 minutes and then gave up
Nov 25, 2005

i've heard this one like a million times before, no joke
Nov 25, 2005

i thought it was that there was no indent
but it was still good
Nov 25, 2005

That's a good teaser, I didn't get it. I'm new so from what I've read here I assume all teasers are supposed to be original? I noticed the "no indent" thing, but with word processing the indent has been left behind, it's not used much even on business letters done on PC. I thought maybe it was that there were no contractions! But, maybe that's not so unusual. Never would've got it I don't think!
Nov 25, 2005

the letter "e" i didnt think it was possible but now i know it is. ggo 1
Nov 25, 2005

dang... thas hard@#!
Nov 25, 2005

it was so easy
(user deleted)
Nov 25, 2005

man that is a good one i didn't get it right off and my mom didn't get it right off . keep these comming .i enjoy them
Nov 25, 2005

i feel dumb i didnt get it.
Nov 25, 2005

Never knew this one but figured it out after abuot 1 minute, Cute one though
Nov 25, 2005

hey shawneeo--that is a good point about no contractions. i like that!
Nov 26, 2005

A paragraph without an indent is perfectly acceptable. It is part of a "writing style" often used in business letters!!
Nov 26, 2005

Thanks rubber!
Nov 26, 2005

Isn't there also a double negative? I thought you couldn't use 'nothing" twice in one sentence.
Nov 26, 2005

This is actually from the game MindTrap, but that's ok! I thought about submitting it myself so obviously I got it right away cuz I knew the answer but when i first saw it it stumped me big-time. good one
Nov 26, 2005

the question was worded wrong! it should've asked... what is DIFFERENT or UNUSUAL about this paragraph? technically, there is nothing WRONG with it.
Nov 27, 2005

That waz cool keep sending these in!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 27, 2005

HVkenny is right!!!!!!!
Nov 27, 2005

i would've never gotten that!
Nov 28, 2005

Very Clever
Nov 29, 2005

THIS IS SOOOO GOOD! Definetley my favorite briangle. YAY FOR PHYLLIS!
Nov 29, 2005

Never would have gotten that in a million years.
Nov 29, 2005

Got it quick, so I feel good, and I never saw this before!
Nov 29, 2005

Nov 29, 2005

Uh, hvkenny? If it had used the word "different," there would be e's in the paragraph, and the answer would be invalid... never mind the fact that it doesn't say at all that anything is wrong with the paragraph, only that one would think nothing is "wrong" with it.

And more importantly than no e's, did anyone else notice that it has no j's, v's, x's or z's?!?!?! Oh, the horror...

Of course, adding the words "just," "vast," "maximum" and "zany" in there would take care of those letters. Then you could reword the answer to say that "the paragraph uses every letter in the alphabet except the most common one..."
Nov 29, 2005

The first time I saw this one was about 40 years ago. My Grandma's neighbor gave me a copy to share with my Dad - he loved teasers. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.
So what if it's been around - there are always new people to share things with. I was impressed I could pull the answer from my memory - so I loved it.
Dec 01, 2005

Like I seriously thought about going throught the alphabet!!! I thought it was 'cause it wasn't INDENTED!!!!!!!!!
Dec 02, 2005

I got it quickly because I've seen it before. It's still a very good one though!
Dec 14, 2005

I've seen it be4 cuz itz and old jok but I got par because I noticed it 1/2 through the paragraph the firs time! Cool tho. I like these. Keep up the good work.
Dec 20, 2005

NICE TEASER. I think that could be in the trick section though
Jan 21, 2006

wow that was a good one i didnt even get it i had to look at the answer lol did u com up with that yourself?? that was a good one!!
Mar 02, 2006

you stole that one from the one website, i saw it there you steeler
Mar 03, 2006

I got that one immdediately....but I'm an English Major and an aspiring author....anything of this sorts I key into....

Fun as all get up though..thanks!!
Mar 15, 2006

awsome ur like the best teaser maker ever can u help me rate my teasers k there a hard contest and a interesting book k thx!
Mar 16, 2006

seen it before
Mar 25, 2006

probally the first teaser Ive ever seen. I saw this in second grade, took me forever, but I finally did it! whoo me!
Apr 02, 2006

wow.this is awesome lol I would've never figured it out on my own....
May 10, 2006

Way to mak m fl dumb. Hr is anothr paragraph without that lttr. Wow it is usd a lot! U wr right. Hlp I don`t undrstand what I`m saying anymor!
May 16, 2006

How much did U get in ur Eng, lang. paper recently, Phyllis. U gotta get great marks.
May 22, 2006

nicely done... i've heard of it before... and i also have heard of this one paragraph that uses every letter in the alphabet...
Jun 25, 2006

Did you know...
There are 12 "E's" in a Scrabble set
Jul 14, 2006

In response to question_mark, I found a web page that is about the book with over 50,000 words and no 'e'.
It's pretty cool
Jul 30, 2006

That's a brilliant teaser! Absolutely fantastic! Going on my favourites for sure.
Sep 14, 2006

Got it quickly because i have seen things like that before. once read an entire 4 or 5 page story that used 1 syllable words (except for doorjamb... for no reason... i dunno), called "Small Talk from Will Par to the World" - didn't realize that until i was told either. interesting and fun.
Sep 14, 2006

Got it quickly because i have seen things like that before. once read an entire 4 or 5 page story that used 1 syllable words (except for doorjamb... for no reason... i dunno), called "Small Talk from Will Par to the World" - didn't realize that until i was told either. interesting and fun.
Dec 01, 2006




nice one.
Dec 09, 2006

It's not a paragraph. You didn't indent.
Dec 16, 2006

I had never seen it and I got it within 2 minutes
Dec 21, 2006

what cowman said
(user deleted)
Jan 23, 2007

Another thing unusual is that it wasn't indented. I saw that right away.
Apr 06, 2007

He didn't think of it on his own. Multiple websites have the EXACT same wording.
May 03, 2007

I said it was a pattern

question.statement.statement. Question. statement. statement

still, i loved it!! you have themost awsome teases, phyl.
May 21, 2007

heard it b4
Aug 20, 2007

Wow, this was pretty cool!
(user deleted)
Dec 14, 2008

i hate this!!!! who ever made this is sooo dumb because there is something wrong the first time i looked at it i saw NO indent. so u LIED to everyone who read that paragraph. even though it is called "what is unusual about this paragraph?"you said NOTHING is wrong its just unusual. now u are a lair and a dumbo.GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN
Feb 26, 2009

Wow this is a good one I was almost gonna say the right answer but I changed my answer so I got it wrong.
Mar 19, 2010

Great teaser!
Mar 28, 2010

I got it WAY under par!!!
Jun 01, 2010

pepsimax: don't call people dumb when you don't know how to spell "liar".

This teaser is great. I already read it in the Encyclopedia of Immaturity. Except in there it was called a puzzla. Really good

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