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Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#34491
Fun:*** (2.28)
Difficulty:** (1.94)
Submitted By:lukeschettAus****!




Bob and Joe each took a quiz third period. Bob had a Math quiz and Joe had a Spanish quiz. Both quizzes had ten questions on them. Bob got 3 questions wrong on his quiz and was still able to get a 100. Joe also got 3 questions wrong but got a 70. How did Bob get a 100 when Joe got a 70?

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Dec 20, 2006

Were we given enough information to figure this out? If so, I'm confused.
Dec 20, 2006

I kind of get it...

So extra credit was offered, but those are the three that Bob got wrong? I think?


I don't know..
Dec 20, 2006

Hey. Sorry if it was confusing. Just to clarify: There WAS extra credit given on Bob's quiz, but he got those three questions wrong. Joe was NOT given any extra credit questions so he lost points for getting them wrong. If this is still not clear, PM (private message) me. This was my first teaser accepted in case you wanted to know.
Dec 21, 2006

i see...
Dec 21, 2006

I had no idea what the answer was! Great Teaser!
Dec 22, 2006

Good one.

EASY, though
Dec 23, 2006

I didn't get it ( ) but it was fun and interesting! Keep it up!
Dec 24, 2006

The only trick was in the hint... Or was it? O_o
Dec 25, 2006

Nice teaser, but would be better if what was the hint was in the actual teaser itself.
Dec 26, 2006

There is a thin line between a Trick Teaser and one that cheats and thisone skates awfully close to that line. A fairer answer would have been, "One of the correct answers Bob got was "100."" And I agree, the "hint" material should have been in the teaser. Medium decent teaser anyway.
Dec 27, 2006

The hint was more tricky than the teaser.
Jan 02, 2007

Sorry (again).
I made this up during school (what else should I be doing?) and I added the hint to discourage people from thinking that Bob had gotten extra credit. I also just wanted to put a hint in that didn't totally give the answer away. I agree, it would be better in the teaser instead of the hint. Please don't me for doing that.

Jan 08, 2007

errrrrg why did i not get that one
nice teaser
Jan 12, 2007

umm is it normal ta not get any of these??? imean all of these teasers are not just talkin about the trick ones most of them i can get
Jan 25, 2007

1st teaser - congrats. It was certainly a tricky one Good job & I did get it correct (after a lot of thought).
Feb 02, 2007

wait the hint said no1 got any extra crediat
Feb 02, 2007

Right. No one got extra credit.
Feb 12, 2007

Yes, nice one. Got me.
Feb 22, 2007

My initial thought was that Bob got three extra credit questions wrong. Then the clue threw me off. But I guess I was right from the get go...
Mar 06, 2007

I thought that one of his answers was 100, but the answer you say works too! Extra credit sure is nice...
Mar 10, 2007

the "HINT" really threw me off. i get it though
Mar 15, 2007

Not bad. Almost confusing.
Mar 17, 2007

Mar 17, 2007

I thought that it meant that one of
Bob's answers was 100... I love trick riddles though Shopaholic, how was this stupid?
Mar 18, 2007

I thought that Bob's quiz was worth more then 100 points. Thats what you get from doing situation and then doing trick! Ah well!
Apr 01, 2007

ehh kinda lame...
Apr 15, 2007

Like some others above I think if you interpreted the hint for exactly what it says you can't get the answer. Extra WAS given to both students, but neither of them got it. Too tricky, even for the trick category . My two cents.
May 15, 2007

huh? im kinda confused!
May 24, 2007

Actually, only one had extra credit offered but he didn't get it.
Jun 27, 2007

I thought "Bob got a 100" meant "One of Bob's answers was "100", which would make sense since he wrote a Maths test.
Jul 02, 2007

Yeah. The kind of test taken is unimportant. And PLEASE don't anyone else say that they thought that Bob got 100 as an answer on his quiz.
Jul 09, 2007

Uhhh...No credit given to either student and No credit given is exactly the same thing!!!
Jul 25, 2007

i had no clue what the answer was...and that clue really through me off!!! It was a good one though
(user deleted)
Aug 24, 2007

Never heard of extra credit in my life! I presumed that the 100 score was because the maths exam was not out of 100...

ie 1st 5 questions got 10 points each, 2nd 5 questions got 25 points each - so his 7 correct totaled 100 marks.

Thats more like how exams worked in my day anyway ;)
Sep 08, 2007

Got it right but I probably would have got it wrong if I had read the hint
Sep 26, 2007

I figured the math teacher graded on a curve and everyone missed 3 questions.
Oct 03, 2007

I figured that Bob's quiz had 103 questions (yeah okay I know, long quiz) and since he missed 3 he got 100 right. Joe's quiz had 73 questions (another long one, must be cruel teachers) so he got 70 right. I think your answer is fair and fits with the hint.
(user deleted)
Jan 13, 2008

whats the difference between no exra credit given and extra credit not given? i don't get that. don' they mean the same?
Jan 13, 2008

It means that while no student got any points from extra credit, there were questions that could have given extra credit had they been answered correctly.
Jan 22, 2008

that wasnt really fair u said bob and joe had no extra
Sep 15, 2008

makes me kinda glad that i never really use the hints, i got it right, but the so called hint would have probably thrown me off

very good in the spirit of tricks
Nov 02, 2008

"Note: I said no extra credit was given to either student. I never said that extra credit was NOT given."

This sentence is unbelievably confusing. I understand what it's supposed to mean, but maybe you should make it clear now that the answer's out in the open that the trick is when you mentioned extra credit before, you were talking about extra credit points.

I still think this teaser is a little flaky, but it was fun.
Dec 12, 2008

that was clever.
Dec 22, 2008

you probably should have said 100% rather than just 100 otherwise having 13 10 point questions would make more sense.
Dec 22, 2008

Never mind I didn't see the 10 problem part
Dec 24, 2009

I thought it was that for Joe's quiz the score didn't add up to 100.

As in, he got 70 points out of 70
Jan 05, 2010

haha good play on words!
Nov 09, 2010

Misleading clue... Nice.
Dec 25, 2010

Kind of cheap, but I got it right.

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