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Not a Mountain

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#36688
Fun:*** (3.08)
Difficulty:** (1.89)
Submitted By:bookworm91*******




I tower over the man-made plain;
My peaks scrape the heavens.
I have many brothers; in fact,
We may be as many as a hundred and seven.

We're as ancient as the oldest trees,
But not older than the hills.
We've been studied for centuries now,
But with mystery we're still filled.


The pyramids of Egypt.

It's estimated that there are 80-110 pyramids in Egypt, the oldest of which are around 4,500 years old. (The oldest living tree is about 4,750 years old.) Scholars have been studying the pyramids for nearly 200 years, but there are still many questions about them. We don't even know how they were built!

The Great Pyramid at Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Some believe that it originally had a golden top that was stolen by tomb raiders.


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May 20, 2007

loose rhyme in the hint but overall great teaser
May 20, 2007

riddle that is
May 20, 2007

Beautifully written. I also enjoyed the hint (but then, I'm a Dickinson fan, so I loose rhyming is fine by me).
May 20, 2007

D'oh! I wish we could edit comments, since I never seem to reread my writing for grammar before posting!
May 20, 2007

Great job!! Thanks!!
May 20, 2007

ya that was a good one!
May 24, 2007

U rock so much! Good 1!
May 24, 2007

yay i got it!
Jun 01, 2007

Thanks for your feedback!
Dec 24, 2008

Interesting and easy.
Dec 24, 2008

Easy but nicely written. Thanks for posting.
Dec 24, 2008

Thought it was a mountain range 'til I read the title. D'oh!! Needed the hint to gtet it! Good riddle.
Dec 24, 2008

I got stuck on the "man-made plain". What does that mean? Did men make the desert too?
Dec 24, 2008

I agree with the commentator who was puzzled by the "man-made plain" bit. I guessed that it was the pyramids, but I think that calling the plains man-made is not fairplay.
Dec 24, 2008

I thought it was a landfill because it said the man made plains!
Dec 24, 2008

I enjoyed the extra detail in the answer. I learned something. Thanks
Dec 24, 2008

man-made plain threw me off. Well done except for that. Really clever.
Dec 24, 2008

I thought of the pyramids, but discarded that answer with the "man-main plains." I didn't get that, either.
Dec 24, 2008

well written... i actually got it by the time i finished reading ! i m a genie a$$
Dec 24, 2011

I needed the hint, but I got the answer.

On Donner, on Dasher, on Vixen, on Prancer.
Dec 24, 2011

I got it, but I must quibble. 1) At latest count there are 138 Egyptian pyramids, not 107. 2) With the tallest pyramid having reached a height of only 482 feet or so, the peaks of these constructions could hardly be said to have "scraped the heavens," in my estimation, though in all fairness I must point out that usually buildings taller than 100 meters (about 328 ft., or roughly 33 stories) do get called "skyscrapers."
Dec 24, 2011

Took awhile, but I got it. Merry Christmas Eve to all.
Dec 24, 2011

Interesting teaser! Thanks! Merry Christmas, strangers and friends! May your holiday be filled with love, happiness, peace, joy and fun!
Dec 24, 2011

Though i got the answer straight away, I too must quibble (though as the author has not been on in over 2 years it is pointless). The line "as ancient as the oldest trees" - while it is pointed out in the answer the pyramids are older than the oldest "living tree" there is no stipulation in the teaser itself we are discussing LIVING trees. Trees have been around since the world began.
Dec 24, 2011

That was quite easy, seeing as I just finished studying ancient Egypt at school before Winter Intersession. Still, I played around with the details of the riddle. Awesome teaser, though!
Dec 24, 2011

LOL I was thinking totem poles then I saw the hint and got it Happy Holidays to everyone
Dec 24, 2014

That was just too easy. I had the answer before I finished reading it all. Oh well, I like easy sometimes and usually do not get these things. Hurray for me tonight.
Dec 24, 2014

Got this one right off.
I hope ya'll have your shopping done.
Merry Christmas to all
Dec 24, 2014

E Z P Z The Pyramids!! Merry Christmas, everyone!!
Dec 24, 2014

Nice Teaser - I had to "peak" at the answer on this one - did not want to take the time to think about it much more. Merry Christmas to all!!
Dec 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to all, and have a great day.
Teaser was easy but well written.

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