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Candy Challenge I

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#37193
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:** (1.12)
Submitted By:coolcow35Aus*****




There are 4 clues below. Each clue is related to a type of candy. You have to try to figure out what each candy is. Good luck!

1. The average worker loves this day.

2. When actors or actresses get a little break.

3. Think of the 4th planet from the sun.

4. Also referred to as 'geeks'.


1. Pay Day

2. Take 5

3. Mars Bar

4. Nerds


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Jul 02, 2007

haha i loved it
it was fun and easy
Jul 02, 2007

Nice! But you are makin' me hungry.
Jul 02, 2007

Never heard of Take Five.

Liked the others!
Jul 02, 2007

Fun One!
Jul 03, 2007

Ive never heard of Pay Day, Take 5 and Nerds!!!
Jul 03, 2007

i got pay day and nerds the others got me good teaser
Jul 03, 2007

#2 could also be kit kat since the slogan.
Jul 04, 2007

That was a really good teaser!

A week until my birthday!!! YAY
Jul 04, 2007

do they still make take 5
Jul 05, 2007

That was good and fun! I love candy =)
Jul 12, 2007

i've never heard of pay day
Jul 12, 2007

Nerds are a sour candy made by wonka.

Take 5 is a really good pretzel-caramel-chocolate bar.

Pay Day is a candy bar made out of peanuts and some other stuff.

Does that explain it to everyone?
Jul 15, 2007

haha cool!
(user deleted)
Oct 01, 2007

English language puzzle?
More like American puzzle, i havent even heard of those products, just mars bars...
Oct 01, 2007

Yes probably an American teaser but he did a nice job with it anyhow. I reallly like candy, which I can't have so I enjoyed the sweetness of your teaser. Thanks.
Oct 01, 2007

great teaser..very well written.
Oct 01, 2007

Take 5???? Fun Teaser!!
Oct 01, 2007

I too have never heard of Take 5, The rest were easy. Good teaser, but I can understand how those from other countries would be at a disadvantage.
Oct 01, 2007

I found this one quite easy.
Oct 01, 2007

That was good! Had to think about PayDay.
Oct 01, 2007

Ok, but insular..they are all American candy products, I live in the States, and have seen this don't get Jelly babies, curly wurlies, sherbet fountains, midget gems, walnut whips... over here, but Brits would have guessed those products easily.
Oct 01, 2007

Super fun teaser but should have checked it out later in the day becouse it's a little too early for a candybar. For me anyway.
Oct 01, 2007

Back in the '40s a radio show called Dr IQ where the audience was invited to ask a question and the doctor would answer. If he couldn't the asker was given a box of Mars bars. I was just a kid, and was thrilled that someone could be so fortunate. Payday I was familiar with but not the others.
Oct 01, 2007

Got them all, but the last, forgot all about the nerd candy. I also thought the actor question was fast break the new candy. Ha Ha
Oct 01, 2007

Oct 01, 2007

I'm in the mood for chocolate ! But then again, I'm always in the mood for chocolate. Cute quiz, but easy for chocoholics.
Oct 01, 2007

Got em all right! Yum!
Oct 01, 2007

Good teaser! Haven't heard of Pay Day and take 5.. I LOVE nerds!
Oct 01, 2007

i need to eat more Candies !

I only knew the name of one out of 4 ( mars )
Oct 01, 2007

I love candy so this one was easy for me. Thanks for posting the sweet teaser.

Oct 01, 2007

I must have been taking five with a payday candy bar while the nerds were trying to find mars. (meant fondly for all nerds & geeks ) Loved it :
Oct 01, 2007

Never heard of mars bars but the others were halarious
Oct 01, 2007

50%, I'm not a candy person!
Oct 01, 2007

Yum! And fun to do!
Oct 02, 2007

Easy but delicious.
Oct 02, 2007

thought #2 was fastbreak!
Oct 02, 2007

i never heard of take 5 or pay day but i thought #4 was smarties...wiierd much?
Jan 02, 2008

I only got 3 right coz that's the only one id heard of!
Jan 02, 2008

We do have Nerds in the UK, and Mars, but not the others. So I was guessing random things like Interval (for no.2) as I have no idea about American chocolate!
Jun 22, 2012

Ok there is a difference between geeks and nerds! I know this bcuz I am a nerd!
Oct 02, 2013

Never heard of Take Five or Nerds, but I got Nerds right as it was the only one that made sense. So I got 3 out of 4. Yaaay!
Oct 02, 2013

While the teaser was indeed very American based, most of the clues were such that you did not need to actually be familiar with the candy to solve the teaser.

As am aside, while _miss_glamorous's answer of "Smarties" would actually work for the clue as well, it is worth nothing that as a Canadian, her idea of Smarties is quite different than the candy by the same name in the US.
In Canada (and the UK perhaps) Smarties are candy coated chocolate pieces (similar in concept to M&Ms but thinner and disk shaped which gives them a totally different consistency and taste). Though I have never had them, what the Americans call "smarties" are similar to what would be known to a Canuck as "Rockets" and are usually only seen around Halloween.
Oct 03, 2013

I'm surprised there are so many commenters unfamiliar with these candies. By the way, my response for #2 was a Hollywood bar, not the Take Five. Remember it? Like a Mars bar, but with dark chocolate. Anyway, liked this one, easy and enjoyable.
Nov 03, 2016

I got 2 out of 4 - I had never heard of two of the candies mentioned. Thanks for a fun one!
Nov 03, 2016

I got all four very quickly; fun and enjoyable quiz.

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