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Quotes #5

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#38488
Fun:*** (2.36)
Difficulty:*** (2.97)
Submitted By:jazzmusician46Aau*****
Corrected By:jazzmusician46




In this teaser you are to try and discover the quotation concealed in the lines. The quote has been broken up into two-letter fragments. Furthermore, I have removed any punctuation and jumbled the two-letter fragments about so the word order has been disarranged. You have to rearrange the quotation and decide where the words begin and where they end. Good luck!

po hi yt ya ft wh oe mb he qe ak of po rh te ah je ly se ih la sl lc yi ln kh ew ru in dt ot eh be ae ya ir rt lh.

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Apr 13, 2009

looks off to me? where does the qe fit in? marQUis?
Apr 13, 2009

Not only is it jumbled there are extra letters. Let's see if anyone manages to figure it out.
Apr 13, 2009

It really needs a better explaination what to do. The quote is 38 letters long, the list is 76 letters long. I dont get it.
Apr 13, 2009

It's one of Jazz's, I should have known. Very hard, I didn't get it, but not for lack of trying. Good job,Jazz. Thanks for posting.
Apr 13, 2009

Terrible. Give me a break!!!!
Apr 13, 2009

I get it now. I do think that the instructions a poorly explaining it though. For every two letter combination, one of the letters is waste, the other is part of the quote.
For example, the first four are: po hi yt ya
From these groups you take p i t y, leaving the o h y a.
That explains why there are double the letters.
Apr 13, 2009

no way. how do you figure? i could do this and crack the dna code RIGHT>it needs something to base it off of. like a well known saying with only a few extra letters and a couple of letters already in place this is impossible. to difficult for even a college grad.
Apr 13, 2009

This puzzle would have GREATLY benefitted from an adequate explanation of the rules. I thought the bigrams (letter pairs) had to be placed in the correct order to form the answer, similar to a puzzle called an anaquote (which uses trigrams, letter triples). Instead, the bigrams are in the correct order, but you have to select one letter from each one and completely ignore the rest.

I'm sorry, but this was bad.
Apr 13, 2009

Bad explaination. Nowhere does it say we are to throw out half the letters.
Apr 13, 2009

You would think that before making it the teaser of the day they would first make sure it wasn't utter garbage. Almost everything in the instructions was utterly wrong:
"The quote has been broken up into two-letter fragments" - it was actually broken up into individual letters that were then paired with a random letter.
"jumbled the two-letter fragments about so the word order has been disarranged" - Actually the word order was not changed, once you identify which letter to use, the words and letters are in the correct order.
Working backwards from the hint and/or the solution is the only way possible to solve this, short of ignoring the instructions and applying actual decryption algorithms to it.
Apr 13, 2009

I agree! the instructions were horible. If decent intructions were given I think I could have gotten it
Apr 13, 2009

Sorry, but this was a complete waste of time. Poor premise. Even poorer instructions!!!
Apr 13, 2009

Apr 13, 2009

The hint was great, and I knew the quote right away, but still couldn't figure it. Agree with other commenters... needs a better explanation.
Apr 13, 2009

the explanation was terrible. Sorry !
Apr 13, 2009

Good idea but I agree that the instructions are not clear.
Apr 21, 2009

FAIL. Explaination is incorrect, puzzle is unsolvable. Knowing the quote (thanks to the hint) I still wasted a while trying.

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