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Most Romantic

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Puzzle ID:#38852
Fun:*** (3.07)
Difficulty:** (2.02)
Submitted By:jppbl*us******
Corrected By:Winner4600




Last night during their weekly poker game, five men (Brad, John, Mitch, Paul, and Ron) were bragging about how romantic they were. In order to decide who was the best husband, they planned to take their wives on a special date this Friday night, including dinner, flowers, and a movie. Can you figure out the name of each wife, where the couple went for dinner, the flowers she received, and the movie they saw?
The wives are: Belinda, Jessica, Monica, Penelope, and Robyn
The flowers are: Daisies, Pansies, Roses, Sunflowers, and Tulips
The restaurants are: Bella Notte (Italian), Cowhide (Steak), Juan's (Mexican), OoLaLa (French), and Wok In and Out (Chinese)
The movies are: Gone in 20 Seconds (a movie about car thieves), Lonely Canary (a western), The Journal (a romance), Pretty Lady (a romantic comedy), and Shriek (a horror movie).

1. John, who didn't take out Belinda (who went to Bella Notte, but not with Ron or Mitch), had to turn on all the lights and check under the bed for killers before his wife would come inside the house and put the tulips in a vase.
2. The couple that dined at Cowhide did not see "The Journal" or "Gone in 20 Seconds".
3. Penelope, who didn't get pansies, loved the car movie her husband took her to (he wasn't Paul, who gave roses to his "Pretty Lady").
4. Robyn did not get roses, but she found a romantic message in her eggroll, which wasn't from Ron.
5. The couple that went to Juan's enjoyed the daisies, but they did not see "The Journal".
6. Monica got sunflowers from her husband.
7. Mitch and his wife filled up on tacos before their movie.
8. Jessica, who was not married to Brad (who gave pansies to his wife), went to OoLaLa.
9. Robyn's husband wanted to see "Shriek", the new slasher film, but she insisted on a more romantic movie.

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Oct 20, 2007

I've decided I'm the most romantic. Nice teaser! enjoyed it
Oct 20, 2007

Nice. Congrats on a great teaser.
Oct 20, 2007

Good job. I enjoyed this one.
Oct 20, 2007

Great teaser.
Oct 22, 2007

A sunflower? Geesh! That's the LEAST romantic!
Oct 26, 2007

Great Teaser! Though a little long considering the ease of it. Still fun though!
Nov 20, 2007

Nice teaser.
It was cute how you took movies and slightly changed their titles.

like I'm guessing that "The Journal" would be "The Notebook".

great idea
Jan 18, 2008

Great job. Enjoyed it!
Mar 12, 2008

Nice quiz...

but who won the bet? (besides grilledcheese)
Jun 13, 2008

loved it
Oct 13, 2008

Nice, fun, and easy.
Dec 16, 2008

Okay, in a contest to see who is the most romantic, sunflowers, a steak joint, and a horror flick are not good ideas if you want to win or impress your wife/girlfriend.

Good puzzle though!
Feb 12, 2009

who won the bet?
Jul 18, 2009

not bad. I switched john and brad, but everything else was good... Very good teaser!!
Oct 27, 2012

Nice! i got the last two movies confused, but other then that it was a good teaser.... that "pretty lady" reference is what i think got me

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