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To run so far...

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#397
Fun:*** (2.51)
Difficulty:** (1.31)
Submitted By:Mr. GAus*****




What can you always see but no matter how fast you run, you will never reach?


The horizon.

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Nov 03, 2001

you could be on a treadmill
Nov 04, 2001

No, cuz you can run faster than a treadmill can go usually. Another answer would be a rainbow, since you can't reach those either. Or maybe the moon, stars, or sun.
Nov 04, 2001

*Always See* You can't always see the horizon
(user deleted)
Nov 07, 2001

I second that You can only rarly see the horizon things like buildings and trees tend to get in the way
Jan 01, 2006

rainbow? thats what i got
n ways- good job
May 10, 2006

wait a minute, Mike1313

how do you WALK to the moon, the stars, the sun...

speaking of the cosmos, heres a cool fact: the reason the "surface" of a black hole is called the Event Horizon is because if you were to observe someone moving toward the surface, they would get slower and slower as they get closer, never actually reaching it. The path of light is distorted by the black hole.

this teaser i got by the way
May 19, 2006

u don't get it... they're saying that u can't reach it no matter how fast u run... or whatever... so i thought that it was the sun too... but then again... on a rainy day, u can't see the sun...
May 29, 2006

I got it. It was very easy but nice.
Jun 22, 2006

i was thinking the other side of the world 'cause no matter how far you run its always gonna be on the other side
Jun 22, 2006

but then of course u cant always see it
Jun 22, 2006

you cant ever see it in fact. just ignore me
Oct 25, 2006

Um you can reach the horizon
Oct 25, 2006

Actually no you can't. Sorry about above comment. Dumb blonde moment.
Oct 25, 2006

Yeah yeah I know... that's offensive to blonde people. Sorry. It's just an expression.
Jan 20, 2007

Maybe the title of these comments should be "To comment so much..."
Y'all should put your comments in one post. If you posted your post and notice something you want to change, I don't think a second comment hurts, but three, four, five comments all in a row by the same person is kind of annoying.
May 05, 2007

geez ur quuuuuiiett feisty
i mean does it really bother u that much GOSH!!!! (trickster)
Oct 02, 2007

I though it was shadow, but now I realize you cant always see it.

That was a good one!

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