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Getting a Job After I Get Married

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#47325
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:** (1.97)
Submitted By:hellokittyus*****!
Corrected By:Gizzer




Five people are getting a job after they get married.

First Names- Adam, Jacob, Sydney, Sarah, Ashley
Last Names- Adams, Thompson, Jackson, Newman, Hudson
Married to- Ella, Emma, Brad, Levi, and Tyler
Jobs- Doctor, Veterinarian, Teacher, Lawyer, Hair Stylist
City Working in- Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Columbus, Phoenix

1. Adam (whose last name is not Hudson) doesn't work in Los Angeles.

2. The five people are Jacob, Mr. Thompson, the one married to Tyler, the veterinarian, and the one who works in Columbus.

3. The person who is the doctor doesn't work in Phoenix.

4. The person whose last name is Newman (who isn't Sydney) is the teacher.

5. Sydney, whose last name is Adams, doesn't work in New York.

6. The five jobs belong to the hair stylist, Sydney, the one married to Levi, the person whose last name is Newman, and the one who works in Chicago.

7. The doctor isn't married to Ella. The veterinarian isn't married to Brad.

8. Emma (who isn't married to Jacob) is married to the doctor.

9. Mrs. Jackson doesn't work in Phoenix.

10. Sarah (whose last name is not Hudson) is the hair stylist.

11. The veterinarian works in New York. The lawyer works in Columbus.

12. Jacob's last name is Newman.

13. Brad is married to the lawyer.

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(user deleted)
Jun 24, 2010

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too many repeat clues.

For example, don't tell us that Ella is not married to the doctor just to turn around and say that Emma is. Just say Emma is. By logical process (the name of the game), we know that means Ella can't be married to the doctor.
Jun 24, 2010

I used to do these but they take way too much time. Thanks for providing the grid though.
Jun 27, 2010

I thought it was VERY well done! Long, but not difficult if read carefully. Good job!
Jun 28, 2010

This was a long and tedious puzzle. Read a clue, fill in one square on the grid. Repeated a dozen times. Then go to the grid and fill in the remaining empty squares until finished. In the end it was the the grid which solved the puzzle. There was little chance or need to do any logical thinking.
Jun 28, 2010

Very good igot them all right.
Jun 28, 2010

Next time don't put an essential part of the puzzle in the hint.
Jun 30, 2010

I agree with you RomanG417.
Jul 04, 2010

It actually was solvable without knowing that all the marriages were heterosexual, but I was hoping that the author would attempt to mess some people up by putting in a couple gay marriages.
Jul 27, 2010

"Thanks for providing the grid though." - I think you should thank the Braingle coders for that.

Easy one, but very ... addling. I agree on the repeat clues. I eventually just skipped to the bottom to read the affirmative clues instead of catching the negatives.

And just as the above poster said some gay marriages would have been a good way to fool some. Before reading the hint I was almost ready to assume there were no homosexual relationships, just because it's so sadly lacking in these. And looky there, I was right! ha.
Oct 16, 2010

Dec 06, 2010

I didn't get the one about the five people were. . . . and the five jobs were . . .
Dec 10, 2010

Completely agree with you kristynak9
Dec 13, 2010

This was extremely hard. I missed it and got two of them wrong. Long and difficult.
Jan 28, 2011

I solved it without looking at the hint AND without assuming anything about gender... except the Ms. Jackson clue.

Easy flow to the puzzle.
Mar 07, 2011

I love this one but it was VERY repetitious!! I agree with the opinion that the Emma-Ella thing was plain annoying. Very good effort though! and nice idea!
May 17, 2011

good puzzle. Was able to figure that Sidney was a woman without any hints.
Jun 16, 2015

some clues are not necessary (syndey who is not Newman and in the next line telling syney is adams)

was unsure about Sydney and levi (male or female) luckily that knowledge didnt matter
Oct 07, 2015

Oh lawrdy the repetition

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