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Add a Letter 49

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#48691
Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:** (1.57)
Submitted By:cnmne*us*****




Each pair of definitions is for two words, where the second word is the first word with an extra letter added somewhere (example: band & brand). The length of the short word in each pair is provided.

1) a female relative & to challenge in a mocking manner (4 letters)
2) the point where two edges meet & a person who investigates the causes of deaths (6 letters)
3) a person of low social or cultural status & a long-tailed game bird (7 letters)
4) nimble or agile & a jet of fine vapor, as from an atomizer (4 letters)

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May 06, 2011

The first three were very easy, but I didn't even know "Spry" was a word, so I didn't get the last one. Good job, cnmne.
Jun 05, 2011

Fun teaser, I liked it! Good job
Jun 05, 2011

Good one.
Jun 05, 2011

Great teaser.
Jun 05, 2014

Interesting teaser. And challenging. I gave it top marks for fun.

Habs ... I did not have time to reply to your comments in the TOTD of last night. Let me revisit them and I'll get back to you here.
Jun 05, 2014

Habs ... I fear you and doodler suffer from the same affliction; sloppy reader skills.

I never said "bought" ... I said "brought" ...Go read.

And ... the probability that Babe would be "cruising" (reading threads w/o commenting or participating) certainly outweighs the probability that she is NOT.

How do you know WHAT she was doing?

Also ... I NEVER indicated that she was on the thread.

Go read.

Jun 05, 2014

BB02 - So very sorry that I misread your comment! I apologise if my medical affliction (20/400 vision) which causes me to sometimes misread has in any way negatively affected you.

You too could learn to read. I never said that you said she was on the thread, but the very fact you addressed a comment to her would indicate you expected her to read it.

How do I know what she is doing? A: She all but said a few days ago that you drove her away (I am paraphrasing) as did cutebug. She has not commented n a teaser since. She has however, commented on the quizzes every day.

And you don't know who I talk to on here. She could have told me herself.
Jun 05, 2014

HABS - - - -
"And you don't know who I talk to on here. She could have told me herself."

But did she?

Otherwise, your question and comment remains rhetorical.

But, no matter.

I tend to accept what people say as truthful (until I have good reason to do otherwise) ....

So I accept your explanation and am willing to drop the matter.

That is ... if Babe will come here (in this thread) and tell me "face-to-face" (electronically speaking) that she was NOT "surfing" or "cruising" with the intent to "read" and not participate.

If that happens I shall apologize to you both.

If it does NOT happen than I shall continue to conclude that my "hello, Babe" was intended (and rightfully so) to salute the lady as she manifested her "shun BB02" crusade by sailing aloft and reading the threads silently and protectively.

I await.

Jun 05, 2014

BBO2- You are the reason people are leaving or not voting or commenting. You are nothing but a babbling IDIOT.
Jun 05, 2014

I second cutebugs statement.
Jun 05, 2014

good puzzle, but I would prefer such puzzles to be longer. Four items are just too short. Thanks for posting!
Jun 05, 2014

Wow BB you sure stir up a lot of negativity. Maybe you are the one that should leave.
As for the teaser-it was quite easy.
Jun 05, 2014

Jun 05, 2014

I still await Babe's explanation.

As for the rest of you, just wasting your breath (and electronic time/space) by your ad hominem (look it up) attacks.

Try dealing with the facts. Might provide you better solace than dealing with me.

Jun 05, 2014

I tend to accept what people say as truthful (until I have good reason to do otherwise) ....

So I accept your explanation and am willing to drop the matter.

That would be a pretty lame thing to lie about. It is no secret on here that I am "blind" or at least that is what the government says. I have mentioned it in these comments and in the game discussions when playing WWG and WTB.
I went from having 20/20 vision to 20/200 in my "good eye" and 20/400 in my other one in less than a week. That was close to 10years ago. t is hwat it is and I don't tend to use it as an excuse for anything. I stil work (thought now at something menial as my prior job, as a pharmacy tech, does require being able to see (they are, for some reason, somewhat picky about people getting the right meds).
Trust me, I can read. I learned how when I was 4 (reading real books, not "stage 1 primers" and have a degree in English Lit.
Jun 05, 2014

CHHEEEEZZZZZZ ... now I'm pickin' on the blind-guy !!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ... Ok .... I'm 79 years old, congestive heart condition, chronic cellulitis, and toenail fungus.

Does that get me any points???

No ??? ... huh ???

Ok ... everyone ... raise your hand if ....

huh? ... what ?? ....

One hand in the back, there !!!!! WHO is that ???

Gawdddd ... it's Mr. Ixolite and he's been OFF the boards for ten years.

Is he still eligible to vote ???

I'LL TAKE IT !!!!!

I'LL TAKE IT !!!!!

Me and Ixy: 2 votes

The Opposition: *(I don't wanna look !!)

Ah, well, at least Babe, cutebug, doehead, catmom, doodler (et al) have something to justify their continued denial of the truth.

Me ............ ????

I don't consider it worth doing unless there's a challenge. Soooooo ....

BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!

Meantime, I'm still stuck on Tokyo. We were supposed to be in Christchurch (sp), NZ but word is that our lab is not refurbished and will not be so for a few more days.

Thus ... more "Tokyo Vaycay" ...

Getting a bit tired of $79.00 T-bones.

Hey ......maybe y'all could jet over and we could all go to the Sumo Rink and ....

naaahhhh ... we need to combine THAT fatty-bump-bump with something like good ole' USofAye .... mudrasslin.

Then we could stand around and laugh at doehead and doodler as they slowly slipped down their ...... ?????

But doehead would merely come out with their stock phrase of eazzy-peazzy .... and (STOP with the OLD ONES !!)

I think I'll go get a $50.00 BigMac*

*(and that's WITHOUT fries) ...

later ...

Jun 05, 2014

Hey, GW .......

You'd best "get on the bandwagon" with this or ya gonna lose some friends" ??????

Jun 05, 2014

"CHHEEEEZZZZZZ ... now I'm pickin' on the blind-guy !!!!!!!!!!!"

Maybe it is you who needs his vision checked (at least your colour vision). Given that the icon beside my name is pink and in a blouse, not to mention my mention (in previous comments) of my husband, one can safely assume I am FEMALE.

GW does not need to back anybody - she is great.

And BB - given you age, it is not unexpected you'd have a few health problems. I lost my vision at the age of 31. I was given the option of surgery that "could, but was unlikely to, cause some vision loss" or I could forgo the surgery and have a 100% chance of death within 3-6 months.
Just think, had I not had the surgery, I wold not be here today to bug you!
Jun 05, 2014

yes I know there are a few typos in that above post.
Jun 05, 2014

Wow ... you people would erect most any kind of "straw man" to divert attention away from Braingle's plight.

Now I'm an OLD sexist pig.

Stop the denial behaviour. Let's be collegial and think of ways to make Braingle bigger and stronger.

More when I get to NZ. Hope to leave for there this weekend.

Jun 07, 2017

Wow Habs! You are an inspiration. All the time I have been on this site, I did not know that about you. I am pleased to know you, or at least visit with you on this site. You are always giving me compliments when you are the one who should truly get them.
The teaser was easy, but #3 took a bit longer than the rest for me.
Jun 07, 2017

What is going on here? I thought we were supposed to comment on the games, not each other. I thought this was a good one, although kind of short. They were all pretty easy except #3, had to think about that one for a bit.

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