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Watch My Horse, Please

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Puzzle ID:#49482
Fun:*** (2.43)
Difficulty:* (1.06)
Submitted By:fishmedAus******mod




Two posts, 1 foot to a side, are seated in the ground exactly 2 feet apart. My horse is tied to an anchor on the outside of one post with a rope that is 30 feet long. He likes to walk, but can only go in circles due to the rope and posts. How many times can he go around the posts before he runs out of rope?

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May 13, 2012

Jun 06, 2012

i din get da ne1 xplain??
Jun 06, 2012

Based on the size of the poles, their distance apart from each other, and the length of the rope, if the horse walks in a circle around them, how far can he get before he runs out of rope?
Jun 08, 2012

The poles are 2 feet apart ... but what is meant by a" 1 foot to a side"?? is one of the pole at a distance of 1 foot from one side of the ground? then where is the horse tied??plz help..i dunno y m nt able 2 undrstnd dis
Jun 08, 2012

The 1 foot to a side means the poles are 1 foot square, meaning the side of each pole is 1 foot long. Real thick poles...
Jun 08, 2012

k.........thanx a lot!!!
Jul 28, 2013

If it weren't for the fact that this is posted in the category "Math," I would say: as many times as he wants, as long as he changes direction regularly =) But yeah, it's in "Math," so, 3 times.
Jul 31, 2013

That is actually quite humorous about him changing directions. Glad you guys liked it.

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