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A Shooting at Midnight

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#17421
Fun:*** (2.85)
Difficulty:*** (2.24)
Submitted By:ccccc*us****
Corrected By:absy




A man walks into his back yard in the middle of the night and fires a gun. Due to his strange behaviour he never sees another sunrise. (No, he didn't kill himself.) Can you explain this odd occurrence?


Did he want to hit his target?



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(user deleted)
Apr 19, 2004

Okay, nice idea, but not seeing another sunrise has little to do with not having a rooster. Lots of rooster-less people never see sunrises. Still, great effort.
(user deleted)
Apr 19, 2004

I agree with CMonkey, although that's the first time I've seen the word rooster as a part of an adjective. CMonkey may deserve mook status, but your teaser was alright.
Apr 19, 2004

i thought he shot AT the rooster, missed, and had his eyes pecked out as payback.
Apr 20, 2004

or he shoots an intruder, mises, and the intruder kills him
Apr 22, 2004

Or the gun powder explodes out of the gun, blinding him...
Apr 24, 2004

I thought it was hillarious
Apr 26, 2004

or the rooster pecks the cow and makes the man wake up anyways. lol
Apr 26, 2004

let me elaborate. working off of bluetwo's answer: he missed, but the rooster gets mad. or the guy... nevermind everything i just said.
Jun 23, 2004

This was a really good one, but I got it though. But when I told this to my friends, they thought that he had killed his son, because he never saw another "son" rise.
Jul 03, 2004

He shot his rooster?? therefor he did not hear the rooster at sunrise... so he slept in?? probably not the answer, but its a possibility
Jul 11, 2004

Oct 14, 2004

I just can't figure out how editors let teasers as obscure as this through??
Dec 02, 2004

I going to have to agree with omega because where in there is no way you can come up with that rooster stuff. I did understand it though. But I guess i didn't like the wording.
Feb 22, 2005

weird and funny!
Apr 25, 2005

Copycat! I have the book you got this from!!!!!
Jul 05, 2005

If he become retire he wants to live longer.

to live longer you must wake up early and be healthy!
so he might still keep that poor rooster!

I dont think he would shot that rooster...he could give to his grandson or someone.

I thought becouse he shot his eye
Sep 08, 2005

Poor rooster, all he did was do his job and look at the thanks he gets.
Great teaser, I thought he blinded himself.
Dec 09, 2005

i thought he went to jail
Nov 27, 2006

Me too
Mar 03, 2007

Maybe there should be a part in it that states that he is not blinded, because that's something people usually ask. If this were done in person, that wouldn't be a problem, though. I was thinking maybe he shot down a dead tree or something that obstructed his view of the sun from his angle...
Apr 24, 2007

I swear, after teasers like this the only reason *my* teasers should be denied is solely if they're duplicates.
Jun 01, 2007

It seems a little mean to kill the poor rooster, but nice teaser nonetheless!
Mar 17, 2009

Poor rooster...
Jun 16, 2012

wel, maybe he shot somebody ELSE and then got a life sentance in prision, with no windows and therefore never saw the sunrise again. and what if he acidently got up early ONE day? it;s highly unlikely he would of NEVER saw the sun rise again. There is also more then one possible answer.
Aug 05, 2012

Gosh.... isn't that animal abuse? Why didn't he just sell the rooster?

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