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Global Warming

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#1970
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Submitted By:Mogmatt16Ava****!!




If all of the icebergs in the world melted, why would it not be a problem for anyone?


What happens to the water level in a glass of water where the ice melts?

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Jan 12, 2002

That's dropping science!
Mar 09, 2002

that is not exactly right
if the material that will get out of melting ice is same as water, then you'll be right, but when salt water freezes, the salt will remain in the unfreezed water and the ice will have no salt in it, when melting the ice you'll have water, which has (i don't know what it is called but it is Mass/Volume) less then the sea water, the ice displaces sea water that has the same mass of the ice, when the ice will melt it will still have the same mass , now the question is: which has a bigger volume a certain mass of sea water or the same mass of normal water ??? the answer is normal water has bigger volume, so when the icebergs melts the level of water in the world will get higher
Mar 20, 2002

ST is correct here. You also have to consider that there are a lot other adverse affects (global climate shift, ecosystem destruction) that come into play besides water level.
Apr 09, 2002

captob, I never mentioned global warming, it was just a catchy title. Also, you left the salt water out of the equation. You never accounted for it again.
May 20, 2002

Water also expands when its heated up (an unusual property - it both expands on freezing and after melting on its way towards boiling)
Also a Hugh amounts of Ice from ice bergs are above sea level
May 25, 2002

ok, I'm going to try this: I will fill a cup with cie and salt water, and I will check after the ice has melted if the water has overflown. Expect my results later today.
May 25, 2002

I just finished teh check and salt did not affect the water level after the ice melted.
Aug 26, 2002

oh well waterworld is still a good movie
Aug 28, 2002

100% origional!
Nov 12, 2002

I think it would be a problem for almost all the life of this planet. It would not flood the planet but it would cause many other ecological problems.
Nov 25, 2003

Water has its maximum density at 4 degrees C. Since ice floats in water, it is clearly less dense than the water (salt or otherwise). The iceberg displaces the same Mass of water as itself but some of it (1/6) is sticking out of the water. Thus when the iceberg melts, it will replace its own mass (weight) in water but this will have a greater volume when and if it warms up.
Dec 24, 2003

This question only applies to icebergs floating in water. I don't know the exact number, but the majority of fresh water on the planet is located in Antarctica, which is a continent. If all that ice melts, it will flood the planet since it is not displacing any water.

Sep 29, 2004

All ice bergs DO melt. Just not all at the same time.
Feb 20, 2006

good job! thanks
Aug 02, 2007

About the ice on Antartica, if it melted you would have "Waterworld", but that isn't icebergs, icebergs are only found floating in water (by definition), and doesn't apply to the question.

By the way the book Blind Waves is more realistic than Waterworld, the seas only rise 100ft. sinking 2/3 the planet.
Oct 09, 2007

Mass/Volume is called Density
Apr 06, 2008

Ur wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ice contains water and so? what if it does expand? It still adds water to the oceans on earth and some of that water must go somewhere like to the equator, expanding in the heat. WATER LEVEL WILL DEFINITLY RISE!!!!!!!

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