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Snow And Palm Trees

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#35191
Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:** (1.93)
Submitted By:OldChinaHand*****




The groom said, "Pack your bikini, Darling. I'm taking you to the tallest mountain in the world, and you'll need it for the nearby beaches."

Where was he taking Darling?


Think snow and palm trees.

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Feb 04, 2007

Great teaser!
Feb 08, 2007

Very clever!

Thought I'd humor you with what I thought the answer was:
Orlando! Tallest mountain in the "world" being the Matterhorn in Disneyworld... just a couple hours to fabulous ocean beaches or minutes to man made beaches within the "world"! I wasn't even certain there was a matterhorn in Disneyworld, but Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain could also have sufficed to be the tallest mountain in the "world".
It's been 25 years since I've been to D-world although we just got back last week from Disneyland, which we always enjoy!
Feb 08, 2007

Silly me, of course Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain do not have snow on them! But the Matterhorn does.
Feb 08, 2007

Have to admit my knowledge of geography helped with this one. Very good and I enjoyed it.
Feb 13, 2007

gr8 job & informative too.
Jan 08, 2008

News to me!
Jan 08, 2008

I might point out that the island of Guam is a submerged mountain, and from the base in the bottom of the Marianas Trench to the talles peak of Mount Lamlam, "Mount Guam" is 37, 820 feet tall, which is about 11.5 km, or 7.2 miles.

But great teaser!
Jan 08, 2008

great teaser... i know alot about hawaii because i've always wanted to move there, or in the recent, just go to visit even... oh well, maybe someday i'll be able to afford to
Jan 08, 2008

Jan 08, 2008

I had no idea. My guess was Everest. Obviously that was incorrect. Good informative teaser.
Jan 08, 2008

Good teaser, interesting
Jan 08, 2008

I must say "thanks" to the Discovery Channel for my knowing this one.
Jan 08, 2008

How is this a brain teaser?
Jan 08, 2008

This was easy for me. I've been to the big island of Hawai'i.

Radio - I don't think you can count the marianas trench as part of the mtn of guam. I think you need to start from the sea floor. I'm guessing it's all in the definition of mtn geologically speaking.
Jan 08, 2008

Thank you for the explanation of the distinction between highest and tallest!
Jan 08, 2008

Did not know that. Thanks
Jan 08, 2008

I never would have guessed!!
Jan 08, 2008

good fun. I got the volcano in the sea part, but not the location.
Jan 08, 2008

Got it right away. It was cool though, b/c you don't really think of needing a bikini when going near a snow covered mountain...b/c such mountains are usually not in warm climates...
Thanks for the teaser!
Jan 08, 2008

I see I wasn't the only one thinking Disney thoughts.
Jan 08, 2008

Good one! I'd like to go there myself!
Jan 08, 2008

yup i was up there a month ago ! and yeah i wore my board shorts under the jackets ;-)
Jan 08, 2008

I was right. Hurray. I was going to say Tibet, but then I thought about the beaches. The only other would be in Hawaii. Thanks for the superb teaser. I loved it.

Jan 08, 2008

Once I read the answer I did a "doh" since I had heard this before. Oh well, it was fun trying!
Jan 09, 2008

It was really cool, nice job!
Feb 16, 2008

I thought of Hawaii right away, but I couldn't remember if the answer was Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa. Fun quiz, though.
Jan 08, 2011

Technically Chimborazo is the highest mountain the world, in terms of being furthest from the Earth's core or center of gravity.
Jan 08, 2011

Glacial terrane?" Can't anyone spell anymore? It's "terrain."
Jan 09, 2011

craniac, don't you think to check stuff out before you make critical comments? "Terrane" and "terrain" are, according to the Collins dictionary, alternative spellings for the same thing.
Jan 08, 2014

I thought I had it but I said "Mauna Loa." I can never remember which one. Very good teaser
Jan 08, 2014

Jan 08, 2014

Very easy since I have been there .
Jan 08, 2014

I knew the answer wasn't Everest, but I always thought the world's tallest mountain was K2, huh, learn something new every day.
Jan 08, 2017

I agree with cutebug. Very easy and I too have been there. However, this was more of a trivia question than a teaser.

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