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Human Creep

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#10220
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (3.03)
Submitted By:dsquared*nz****




What expression is represented below?

Human waste plumbing / to creep

Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans
Wolves home oceans


Suicidal Tendencies

1st word:
Human waste plumbing = Sewer
To creep = Sidle
Therefore 'Sewersidle' or Suicidal

2nd word:
Wolves home = Den
oceans = Seas
There are 10 of these = Ten
Therefore Tendencies

Put it all together and what have ya got?


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Feb 07, 2003

Pure genius. A true thing of beauty!
Feb 08, 2003

good teaser, i only got 20% of this one right
Feb 10, 2003

This one is so hard I almost killed myself trying to solve it! Great job coming up with this one.
Feb 13, 2003

Tendencies was not a problem. Sewer was reasonble. Sidle was difficult because who would really think it is among the synonyms of creep. But the hints were useful. Very creative.
Feb 13, 2003

Thanks all.. it was a bit of work to get it to do what I wanted and it is tough to always get it completely watertight... I'm pleased you enjoyed it though - thanks for the comments.
Feb 23, 2003

That's so amazing! How did you come up with something like that? I wouldn't have the time!!
Feb 23, 2003

Tricks of language and my brain tend to go hand in hand Jiminy... honestly I scare myself sometimes with some of the things that come out of my noggin. I do enjoy spending time on a teaser though to try and get it as tight and 'clever' as possible. Thanks for stopping by ;P .
Feb 24, 2003

As an editor who has read every one of Dsquared's submissions, I would like to add that it frightens me, too. ;)
Feb 24, 2003

LOL!... Now they know the truth Bob, you didn't have to go tell 'em that .
(user deleted)
Mar 10, 2003

I agree, this one was pure genius!!
I had the 'tendencies' part pretty quick, but that last part had me quite stumped!! Beautiful!!
Mar 10, 2003

Very clever!!!
Mar 10, 2003

excellent hint
Mar 10, 2003

I never knew sidle meant creeping, good one!
Mar 10, 2003

Muy excellente!!!!!!
May 24, 2004

Nicely done, but quite challenging. I couldn't solve it ...
May 24, 2004

Thanks everyone for stopping by and adding your thoughts .
May 28, 2006

Really well thought out, but don't wolves live in lairs and foxes live in dens? I would have got it quicker but was wondering what lairseas was representing
May 28, 2006

Pretty sure wolves live in a den as well... Den of wolves is an expression I've heard. I can certainly see where your confusion came in though
Aug 26, 2006

That was really hard. Great teaser.
Aug 28, 2006

Mar 28, 2008

Wow i would have never suspected that! great job
Jun 06, 2009

Definitely not going into my favorites, but thanks for posting.

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