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Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#111
Fun:** (1.92)
Difficulty:*** (2.83)
Submitted By:giraffe**
Corrected By:medster99




A man goes into a restaurant and orders abalone. After eating one bite he kills himself. Why?


The man was on a ship that had been wrecked on a desert island. When the food ran out, another passenger brought what he said was abalone but was really part of the man's wife (who had died in the wreck). The man suspected something fishy, so when they finally returned to civilization, he ordered abalone. Realizing from the taste that what he had eaten before was not abalone, but his wife, he kills himself.

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Jan 11, 2001

I`ve seen this same puzzle with an albatross instead of the abalone.
Feb 14, 2001

From the evidence given in the question, it is much more likely that the man was his own waiter, and poisoned his own food, killing himself.
Oct 24, 2001

Plus, why would someone order abalone from a waiter at a restaurant on a DESERT ISLAND WHEN THEY'RE SHIPWRECKED!!
Feb 14, 2002

so you're saying that this man knows what his wife TASTES LIKE?? IT's like...oh! This tastes like my wife! I think i'll kill myself, and not even attempt to try to find the murderer.
Jun 06, 2002

QTPie, Mike, read the answer again. He's at the restaurant AFTER being rescued, and the abalone at the restaurant tastes nothing like the abalone on the island (which it wouldn't, 'cos on the island, the 'abalone' was his wife) and realises he ate his wife on that island. Still, I think he should just let go, and not be so hard on himself. So you ate your wife? It's in the past, move on!
Mar 23, 2003

How the heck would he know that it was his wife and not just something else? Nice try.
Apr 01, 2003

What the heck is Abalone anyway?
Nov 30, 2003

I worry about those of you who think up such teasers,LOL Still, I give creativity points. Of course, how DID he know it was his wife and not something else?
Feb 14, 2004

I've heard the albatross one at Year 10 camp. Easy Pezy
Jun 23, 2004

I don't really think he needs to kill himself.
Jun 24, 2004

Had i not heard this one before, it would of been impossible to solve. First of all, the shipwreck, his wife, etc. are way to random. Secondly, you give no hint whatsoever.
Jul 16, 2004

Gross and disturbing is all I have to say
Jul 17, 2004

One very bad answer, from the sound of it, hes eaten his wife before, probrably many times, because he reconized the taste. And If your out of food, how the heck do you fing abalone, please tell me, because I just have to knoe
Aug 03, 2004

I thought he was vegetarian and got it confused or something.

I think the explanation confused people. He had eaten his wife when he was shipwrecked. He came BACK TO SHORE and had abalone and noticed the taste was different, figured out it must have been his wife since she was the only one killed in the accident, and killed himself.
Oct 14, 2004

ewww he ate his wife before
Dec 27, 2004

sorry giraffe but i had to vent. if you can please tell me how it is possible to arrive at this answer. i understand the answer but how can you arrive at this answer without help.
Jan 31, 2005

*giggle* I thought he'd ordered abalone and been given "a baloney" sandwich by accident, which he bit into and then realised he was eating pork!
Feb 16, 2005

Holly cow what a pointless thoughtless teaser! Anything could have caused him to kill himself based on the info given. And why would he assume he ate his wife just because a food tasted different back home? He didn't suspect anything while eating it on the island? Horrible teaser.
Mar 12, 2005

It's like the story of Tantalus, who served his son to the gods and then was punished in Tartarus.
Mar 22, 2005

He KNOWS how his wife tastes like?!?!!? Not right...
Apr 19, 2005

That was just sick and cruel and I don't like it.

I don't like it at all.
May 08, 2005

all right. no clue how he knew what he had on the boat was his wife. one of the worst teasers ever I mean, he ate his wife!
May 21, 2005

To all of you who thought this was completely pointless.........STOP READING THE SITUATION TEASERS!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least read the disclaimer. I have heard a version of this one in a group setting, and it happens to be my favorite situation puzzle. Situation puzzles are NOT MEANT to be answered by logic or by the clues given. If you want logic puzzles read the logic section then!
Jun 06, 2005

what the heck?? im just in the 7th grade dude!!! i dont get it!! plus its gross
Jun 07, 2005

Jul 04, 2005

what is abalone? how did he know what his wife tasted like?
Jul 21, 2005

i get that it's a situation teaser, but i'm still as perplexed as everyone else as to how it knew that because what he had eaten wasn't abalone it was his wife (why couldn't it have been something else, like another passenger, a snake, tofu, etc)
Aug 21, 2005

hey 'g' i liked the teaser, i never get these situation teasers by myself, but love to use them on the guys at work, , I give it 2 thumbs up
Sep 15, 2005

thats messed up
Sep 21, 2005

Yuck man...
The main problem with this teaser is how can he conclude he ate his wife in the desert rather than something else?

It'll need conditions like "his wife was the only passenger that died, or all other passengers were found not missing any flesh, and there must have being absolutely no other meat food source in the desert (like wild animals etc)"
Nov 01, 2005

Ew... Gross... Ummm yeah completely random, pointless, disgusting and wrong... Just, ew...
Nov 03, 2005

yeah, really, he could have eaten at least a hundred other things beside his wife, and how would he know it was his wife?

what's with all this "situation teasers are not supposed to be solved with logic" crap? i mean, it is like a one in a million chance that someone would guess the right answer to this
Nov 04, 2005

bagogirl is right. it should say in the puzzle, "after getting back to shore after being stranded on an island, a man buys abalone."

and for those of you who don't know, abalone is a fish or sumthing with a shell found in the water. Have u never seen those big, colorful shells?
Nov 09, 2005

Didn't like this one at all. Boring
Nov 10, 2005

OMG.. this is sooo funny.. I couldn't stop laugh when I read the answer..
Nov 15, 2005

Really pointless and a waste of time. No way to even know the answer.
Dec 10, 2005

wow who could figure that 1 out...i mean really that is way out there
Dec 31, 2005

i agree that its impossible to figure out that he didn't eat something other than his wife

pointless and discussting
Jan 03, 2006

Maybe i'm alone on this, but i thought the answer was pretty funny, and this does work out if you use as a prompt for others to answer. my demented friends got it almost right away.
Jan 22, 2006

Jan 25, 2006

this was illogical
But keep on trying, I know you meant well
Feb 04, 2006

does it have to be so gross??
Feb 27, 2006

O.K. seriously, how are you supposed to figure this one out
Mar 07, 2006

There needed to have been a hint. And to those who think its funny, a couple of words. Sick and Wrong
Mar 11, 2006

Why does every1 say da teaser is so sick??? I me an I like the taste of human flesh compared 2 abalone!!! abalone......ewwwwwww
Mar 11, 2006

not me an.....mean
Mar 12, 2006

what on earth is abalone?
Mar 18, 2006

Great one, keep them coming.
Apr 09, 2006

how does he know it was his wife and not some other person???

either way:
Apr 13, 2006

that was so lame, how would someone guess that. next time give a hint or something. BOO!
May 02, 2006

Okay, for all you who are asking about abalone...there's this new fangled thing called "google"...
May 03, 2006

Now THAT was random. Is there even restaurant on a DESERTED ISLAND!
May 05, 2006

rrrriiiigggghhhtttt ssssuuuurrrreeee
(user deleted)
May 09, 2006

To all the retards asking about the restaurant on the desert island: please learn to read. It says once he got back to civilization he went to the restaurant.
May 31, 2006

I came up with different situation. That was a little gross and disturbing. Interesting effort.
May 31, 2006

I don't get how anyone could possibly guess that. There were no clues as to what happened. My mom couldn't even begin to guess. I think that you should add a little bit more to the question/clues.
Jun 06, 2006

umm how did we get to this???
I'm not sure if you can follow and get the same thing
Jun 06, 2006

umm how did we get to this???
I'm not sure if you can follow and get the same thing
Jun 14, 2006

Hmmm, I thought the answer WAS pretty funny, in a cruel and sick sort of way.

For those of you who don't see how one could arrive at the answer: You're not supposed to. Situation teasers are best told in groups, where one person tells the situation (in this case, the man eating the abalone and killing himself) and the others ask a series of yes/no questions. In this way, they're supposed to arrive at the answer.

It's pretty much impossible to get the answer by yourself.
Jun 20, 2006

#1) what the heck is abalone
#2) i dont see the connection between abalone and a shipwreck where his wife was killed
#3) i just totally didnt get it
Jul 10, 2006

the two things are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not related so i do not think anyone will get it right
Jul 10, 2006

and try something else that actuly leads of from the question ok
Jul 10, 2006

It was original, but it needs work.
Jul 11, 2006

Let me revise what I said.

I really like it, but I think that there were a lot of other possibilities as to what the man ate, but since that possibility has been overkilled by the majority of us commenters, I'll let it rest.

It was good though, and I thought that it was very creative.

Just a revision of my previous comment.
Jul 18, 2006

This one just isn't good. It doesn't follow any logical path and there's no way one could even come close to guessing the answer because it's so absurd.
Sep 02, 2006

I think if the situations are not supposed to be based on any logic and solved in a group by questioning the one with the answer logic should at least be applied in it's writing to prompt questions which might actually help someone in the group come up with the final answer. This is so terribly absurd and inappropriate who would ask if he had eaten his wife before? or you know what it doesn't matter. I tried to find someone's comments in here to get me to view this in an acceptable way, but it's just no use. It's an awful teaser and this is the first time I am completely compelled to make a negative comment.
Oct 04, 2006

Oct 08, 2006

Oct 15, 2006

That was a waste of time
Oct 16, 2006

That is so sad. I would have NEVER guessed.
Dec 17, 2006

I only got this because my english teacher jsut tried this with albatross the other day.
Of course, we were able to ask questions to figure out the ship, wife, and other man..
Dec 21, 2006

Bad teaser better luck next time
Jan 20, 2007

messed up teaser, sickening
Feb 28, 2007

The answer is way too specific. Unless one has heard it before, it is impossible to get. I DON"T EVEN KNOW WHAT ABALONE IS!!!!!
Mar 10, 2007

Mar 11, 2007

haha i thot it was gonna be because it tasted soo bad... i am sooo fly
Apr 28, 2007

who would serve wife at a restaurant? doesnt the health inspector come ever?
May 20, 2007

UM..... ok.... I thought he killed himself because he choked on the abalone! Ah, baloney! get it?? LOL!
Jun 22, 2007

Horrible! What the heck are these answers?

If they're going to be that off the wall, how about this one:
The man had two children and they were running in the back yard and when he bit into the abalone he bit his tongue and he got so mad that he ran out and chased the kids into the street then they got hit by a car and he felt bad and jumped in front of the next car.

Seriously. Riddles should have ONE Solid answer!!! GRRRRR

Jul 27, 2007

Yeah, I agree, there's like no way anyone would have guessed that.
Jul 28, 2007

what the heck was that?
Sep 25, 2007

its a known situation teaser youre not supposed to be able to answer it without questining the author using yes no questions, also these teasers have any range of answers because the information on them is limited
Sep 28, 2007

it would have been a TINY bit easier to answer if there was a hint....... but totally morbid and disgusting regardless!
Nov 09, 2007

Firstly, HOW DID HE KNOW IT WAS HIS WIFE, Secondly,PUT A HINT ON IT, and finally how was anyone meant to guess that

think u need to improve it quite a bit
Dec 02, 2007

How were we supposed to know he ate his wife??
Dec 04, 2007

Gross and sad
Mar 15, 2008

So you think this is LOGIC?
Jul 18, 2008

ehh next time a give us a few clues before telling us to find the answer.
Nov 16, 2008

This teaser is NOT original. It is older than my great grandmother. But I like it! Heard that, people? I LIKE IT!!! And before you ask about a restaurant on a desert island, READ THE ANSWER CAREFULLY. Before you ask about how vague this is, READ THE DISCLAIMER right under the title of every situation teaser. And this is one of my favourite teasers, and who cares if in this teaser someone ate his wife. IT'S JUST A TEASER! Golly, get a brain, people. Don't complain if you don't know what you're talking about. And several people here need to take a spelling class...
Nov 16, 2008

And wanna know how I got my good karma? From REPORTING OFFENSIVE COMMENTS.
Jul 20, 2009

For those of you who were wondering, abalone is an aquatic animal similar to a mussel.
Sep 30, 2009

Random teaser
Oct 23, 2009

These types of teasers with ridiculously hard answers shouldn't be on braingle. They're only for when you can ask yes or no questions.
Nov 01, 2009

You start with a decent story about somebody dying from eating something, and then the answer ends up being something waaaaaaaaay out there.
Jun 02, 2010

heard this before. First time I heard the answer it scared the crap out of me. I still have trouble breathing when I think about it.
Oct 21, 2010

It's kinda random (in a bad way) so I think it's impossible to solve.
Dec 26, 2010

Jan 18, 2011

to the person who solved this, i congratulate you for solving this almost unsolvable puzzle!!
Jan 25, 2011

The point of situation teasers is for you to hear them here, then tell them to your friends while you let your friend ask yes or no questions. Ya, these teasers are impossible to solve HERE, but really you are supposed to have help.
May 24, 2011

I saw the albatross one!
May 28, 2012

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm........... How do you take that?
Aug 29, 2012

How did he know that how his wife taste?
Sep 08, 2013

The problem is it doesn't have enough evidence to come up wit the correct answer. I came up with 2 alternatives that made sense:
1: When he ate it in the restaurant he received bad news (like his wife died) and killed himself
2: He was already planning to die

It's just to vague.
Mar 27, 2015

Why didn't this have a higher fun rating? This is the nature of Lateral Thinking Puzzles, they are quite vague. Otherwise it would be mystery. Usually they're just like: Someone died here. They are holding something. How did they die? If it was more explicit it would be Mystery. Anyway, good teaser, but I have seen the same one in other places

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