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A Journey to Flower-Heaven

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#12711
Fun:*** (2.13)
Difficulty:*** (2.82)
Submitted By:kvakk**
Corrected By:rose_rox




Hi. My name is mister Kvakk. I live in a very big house in the country. Outside my house I have a lot of big gardens. In one of them I have hundreds of beautiful, delicious, red flowers.
At my house, my dog is waiting. I have told him about this flower-heaven-garden with hundreds of flowers, and it really wants to find that garden to eat the flowers (yes, my dog eats flowers).
However, this flower-heaven is far away, and my dog wants to go there as soon as possible. It has to travel through some other gardens on its way, but it wants to travel between as few other gardens as possible.
Your mission is to find the best route for my dog, from my house to the flower-heaven. The dog wants to go through as few gardens as possible on its way.

Here are some facts about my gardens:
1. There are two gardens between my (mister Kvakk's) house and the house of my neighbour Quack, if you take the shortest route.
2. The only garden between The lawn and Soria is The field
3. It's one garden between The field and flower-heaven
4. One possible route (but not the shortest) from Kvakk to flower-heaven, is: The pool, Soria, Star, The mountain
5. To go from Kvakk to Quack as fast as possible, you don't need to go through The field, The forest, The angels valley or Star
6. You can go from The forest to The mountain by going through Longo
7. Duck country and The forest are my only two gardens that lie against Quack's house
8. From the garden The field, you can go directly to The lawn, Longo, The pool, Soria, Star and Kvakk's house
9. There are two gardens between Quack and flower-heaven. These are not the same gardens that are between Kvakk and Quack
10. Quack's house is to the east of Kvakk's house
11. Flower-heaven is south-west of Quack's house
12. Except for the two houses and flower-heaven, ten gardens of different size and shape are named in this teaser
13. You can go into flower-heaven from three different gardens
14. If you are at Star, you must go through one garden to come to flower-heaven
15. Star, The lawn, The mountain, The pool, Soria, The forest, Duck Country and the two houses lie beside the sea. It is not possible for the dog to travel through the sea. Luckily, no other gardens lie beside the sea.
16. The angel's valley is between flower-heaven and The forest

Through which gardens should my dog travel?


-You should start by drawing the two houses and the two gardens between them (1). The house to the west is my (mister Kvakk's) house (10).
-From 7 we know that the garden to the left of Quack is either Duck country or The forest
-Use 9 and 11 to draw flower-heaven to the south of Quack. The first garden to the south of Quack is either Duck country or The forest
-Use 4 to draw the four gardens The pool, Soria, Star and The mountain between Kvakk and flower-heaven
-From 5 you see that you don't need to go through The forest to go from Kvakk to Quack. Therefore, the garden to the left of Quack must be Duck country. And so on, the garden to the south must be The forest.
-Use 6 to draw in the garden Longo
-And finally, use 8 to draw the garden The field
-By 3 and 13 we know se the solution. The three gardens that lie against flower-haven must be The angels valley, Longo and The mountain.

The shortest route (measured in number of gardens) is: Kvakk's house / The field / Longo / Flower-heaven


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