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26 L in the E A.

Letter Equations are well known phrases or facts where the key words have been replaced with the first letter of that word. These are often in the form of an equation, which contain a number, an = sign and the rest of the obscured phrase or fact.


Puzzle ID:#206
Fun:*** (2.17)
Difficulty:* (1.05)
Submitted By:Mr. GAus*****
Corrected By:Mysterious




26 L in the E A.


26 Letters in the English Alphabet.

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Jun 10, 2003

It was to easy
Aug 22, 2004

again extremely easy...took me less than a quarter of a second.

i'm not going to bother writing the same thing over again with each one...but you can assume.
May 24, 2005

Jul 23, 2005

Taken from the seminal lists in Games Magazine.
Nov 03, 2005

no matter wat other people say.
i thought u did a good job. thanx 4 posting this teaser Mr. G!!!!!!
Dec 04, 2005

i feel SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO stupid now. i saw the answer and was like, DUH!!!!!!!!

i don't know how i missed that.
Dec 28, 2005

I love these soooooo much! I could do them all day long!!
Feb 19, 2006

I finnaly guessed a brain teaser correct!
Feb 24, 2006

i got it..............i'm awesumm!!
*does happy dance* wh000!!
Mar 16, 2006

I got that in about 2 seconds literally. it was ok
Mar 27, 2006 too, it was a tad bit on the easy side.
Apr 23, 2006

if more people posted easy teasers like this one, it would make the world a better place!
May 21, 2006

Knew it already
Aug 15, 2006

easy, but entertaining
Sep 03, 2006

Just as easy as the first time I saw it. I read the answer just in case there was an alternate. But hey sometimes you get a brain freeze and miss one even this easy, so nothing against the submitter. I like that the teasers have such a wide variety.
Oct 17, 2006

Sooo easy...
Nov 25, 2006

finally I got one right!!!!!yay
Nov 28, 2006

This one was easy. Thanks for submitting.
Dec 21, 2006

very easy....but thanx 4 submitting it....i still liked it since i actually got it....doesn't usually happen w/ letter equations
Feb 13, 2007

yay! i got one!

i still don't like these, but i'm glad i figured one out!
May 18, 2007

Very easy.. I remember doing these in fifth grade.. But I still love them!! Great job! More please!!!!
May 20, 2007

Easy! Reminds me of the SAT test or something............ fun though, I like these
Feb 25, 2008

Cool and Fun!
Thanks, ~Z

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