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Outlaw Laundry

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#26575
Fun:*** (2.49)
Difficulty:** (2)
Submitted By:dolphingurl12Aus******




In 1935, a girl says her friend had her shirt laundered by famous outlaw, Al Capone. How is this possible?


Some of the prison guards and their families at Alcatraz lived on the island. They placed their dirty laundry in bags, which criminals washed. They were returned to the families, clean. The girl's friend could have been living on Alcatraz and snuck the girl's shirt in with her laundry bag, and possibly washed by Al Capone.

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Oct 27, 2005

I liked this one, although no offense intended, but if the girl said she HAD the shirt washed by Capone, but then POSSIBLY washed by him, is this presumption that the shirt was actually washed by Capone himself? I may have read it wrong Anyway just a thought, keep them coming
Oct 27, 2005

Oct 27, 2005

She said she had the shirt washed by him. Which is possible. But she isn't going to brag to all her friends, "my shirt might have been washed my Capone." She's gonna say it WAS. I may not have interpreted what you were asking correctly, as I was confused.
Oct 28, 2005

i am guessing that you recently read the book Al Capone Does my Shirts, in which a similar incident happens?
Oct 29, 2005

tThat's some interesting trivia....... A post-graduationhistory lesson. I liked it, but I didn't get it.
Oct 29, 2005

Yes, the book did inspire the teaser.
Oct 31, 2005

It could just be because I just voted on 15 of them in a row, but this kind of sounds like a Trick teaser.

Either way, good job!
Nov 03, 2005

ok well guess I didn't understand the whole clue. Not good at trivia.
Nov 10, 2005

laundered could also have another meaning. like "laundering money". i thought al copone took her shirt and smuggled it out of the country. (why? i have no idea. ) o well, it was a good teaser.
Nov 14, 2005

How do you know about all this stuff?
Nov 24, 2005

While reading, I thought of laundering in the money sense, then felt that by that time he must have been in gaol so felt that he'd been in the prison laundry
Dec 11, 2005

Prison Laundry!! do you think they would do mine
Jan 15, 2006

good one! I got it because I've read the book "Al Capone Does My Shirts" but it was still a good teaser!
Apr 12, 2006

Or she could have lied.
Mar 26, 2007

Nice tidbit of info there. Very nice!
Mar 25, 2010

I love your teaser! I also read "Al Capone Does My Shirts". There is a second book called "Al Capone Shines My Shoes". I am reading it right now.
Sep 09, 2011

I read Al Capone Does My Shirts. That's how I solved the riddle.
Dec 25, 2012

Yeah, kind of obvious if you know Al Capone does my shirts. But good teaser.
Feb 23, 2014

I see everybody already mentioned Al Calopone Does my Shirts! Only reason I got this!

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