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The Age of Dinosaurs

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#28585
Fun:*** (2.66)
Difficulty:*** (2.82)
Submitted By:sgtammoAus******
Corrected By:brainyboy615




Since I have been often described as being older than dinosaurs, I thought it would be fun to create a teaser about them.
Can you unscramble the names of the dinosaurs in Part 1 and match them with their facts in Part 2?
Don't worry about showing off your knowledge. Knowing about them isn't the same as being as old as them.

Part 1

1. Eouspltarasu

2. Paroeotr

3. Solrausukyan

4. Tosrebalausur

5. Rosbaursua

6. Gospmocsuthna

Part 2

1. Plant eater from the Triassic Period.

2. Meat eater from the Triassic Period.

3. Plant eater from the Cretaceous Period.

4. Meat eater from the Cretaceous Period.

5. Plant eater from the Jurassic Period.

6. Meat eater form the Jurassic Period.


1. Plateosaurus: Plant eater from the Triassic Period.

2. Eoraptor: Meat eater from the Triassic Period.

3. Ankylosaurus: Plant eater from the Cretaceous Period.

4. Albertosaurus: Meat eater from the Cretaceous Period.

5. Barosaurus: Plant eater from the Jurassic Period.

6. Compsognathus: Meat eater from the Jurassic Period.


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Feb 12, 2006

Great teaser sgt just like all of your others!
Feb 12, 2006

cool teaser i liked this one keep them up
Feb 12, 2006

Another great teaser!! I'm as old as a dinosaur too and some of those dinosaurs in the teaser were my friends!!! Actually I'm older than dirt and a day younger than God!
Feb 12, 2006

i love the teaser!
Feb 12, 2006

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Feb 12, 2006

It made me learn something, before this I didn't even know there was anything but the Jurassic times in terms of dinosaurs.
Feb 12, 2006

I could have gotten easy ones, but I didn't knwo any of these donosaurs names
very good teaser and educational too thanks
Feb 13, 2006

This is why I love braingle, it's educational &fun at the same time.
I only heard of one of them before.
Feb 13, 2006

And here I thought I was a just having fun! Now I'm an educator? Just kidding. Seriously, I'm glad this was educational as well as enjoyable.
Feb 13, 2006

i only got the first one . besides , since i was in school they've changed some of their names and i'm not that old !!!!!!!
Feb 14, 2006

i wasn't around when dinosaurs were alive. i'm not that old. you must be about a trillion years
Feb 19, 2006

I've been told I was but I deny it. I am glad you enjoyed this.
Feb 28, 2006

I'm old enough to have forgotten more than ~I~ ever knew.
Apr 23, 2006

I have to agree with mitzi, I seem to be learning some new things from your teasers sageant ammo.
Apr 23, 2006

sorry sargeant
Apr 23, 2006

Thank you.
Mar 08, 2011

This was a brilliant teaser, but you DO know that the Jurassic came before the Cretaceous, right?!

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