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Self Anagram

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#30741
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:*** (2.12)
Submitted By:MarcM1098Aca*****




An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. For example, rearrange "none" to get "neon".

It is not considered an anagram if you exchange a letter with the same letter. For example, switching the n's with each other in "noun" does not give an anagram.

Even though a word is not considered an anagram of itself, your task is to find a word that is an anagram of itself. If you can do the seemingly impossible once, you might as well find a second word that is an anagram of itself.


Both "stifle" and "filets" are anagrams of "itself".

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May 28, 2006

marcm, that was very nicely done! it definitely was tricky.
May 28, 2006

An excellent play on words. Though I love anagrams, I couldnt get it.
May 28, 2006

I knew that I was to find an anagram of the word "itself", however I didn't know what the words were. Nicely done
May 28, 2006

Very well written! Repitition of the word "itself" kind-of gave it away for me, but still required a doubletake.
May 28, 2006

what are filets?!
May 28, 2006

I got the trick almost immediately, and I got stifle. I didn't get filets though! I was trying to think of words that began with St or Fl. Great teaser!
May 29, 2006

I agree with AwwwSweet and I got the same answer as JessicaLynn!!!
Good one!
May 29, 2006

Dear tintiniscool -
TinTin may be cool, but you need to send TinTin to School! "Filets" are slices of meat or fish, as in "Filet of Sole," or "Filet Mignon" (a gourmet cut of steak) or even salmon or perch filets.
Jun 01, 2006

Oh. I thought it was homonyms. I got "read" and "read"... the first one is a homonym of "reed" the second a homonym of "red," thus making the same spelling two different words, one the past tense of the other.
Jun 01, 2006

I knew that the trick was to find an anagram of "itself" but I didn't feel like it xD Nice teaser though, very well written.
Jun 01, 2006

Okay you got me
Jun 02, 2006

Great one, I got stifle but could not come up with filets. By the way, tintiniscool, "filets" is the plural of filet, which is a slice of meat or fish (like a filet-of-fish sandwich at McDonald's).
Jun 03, 2006

wow! Were did that come from! I get it now though!
Jun 05, 2006

I know what a "fillet" is, but not a filet.
Jun 05, 2006

Filet is a variant of fillet and filet is also worn like a head band, check your French on this. Very well done.
Jun 07, 2006

That was greatly written. Like most others, I knew that I had to find anagrams of "itself," but didn't find any.
Jun 13, 2006

i knew you ment that, but i didnt care to think of the actual words
Jun 14, 2006

I thought it was "anagram" "itself"
because anagram can be changed twice and be the same so I got it wrong. Opps
Jun 14, 2006

Woh was i off lol! That question was really confusing
Jun 15, 2006

Heehee - this was fun!
Jun 16, 2006

worded good for a trick. Creative
Jun 18, 2006

Jun 21, 2006

Well technically if you wanted us to find an anagram for "itself" you should have put "itself" in quotes like all the other anagrams you used as examples.

Jun 25, 2006

Jun 27, 2006

I'm so proud, I actually got this one. I rarely do!
Jun 29, 2006

I realised that we had to find anagrams of 'itself', but didn't have the patience to work out both of your answers.
As an afterthought I did come up with 'fliest' which is also in the dictionary (honest!) defined as the 'superlative of fly'.
Jun 29, 2006

Tedger - wrong, that was the trick part!
Jun 29, 2006

Loved it.

Though, technically "fliest" and "flites" are both words.

But this was a very fun teaser...going in My Favorites right away!
Jun 29, 2006

Nice ploy. I was stumped.
Jun 29, 2006

Got the trick right away, and got stubborn trying to get the anagram... I wasn't going to "throw in the towel"... Please return my towel at your earliest convenience. Good trick, tough anagram, great teaser. Thanks!
Jun 29, 2006

Have to agree with Question Mark.I knew what I was supposed to do, just couldn't figure it out.Great teaser.
Jun 29, 2006

I got stifle right away, but got stumped on the 2nd word. I thought fistle might be a word. NoGO--
Jun 29, 2006

I wish I would give myself more time on these. I probably wouldn't have been able to get the words even if I did figure out that I was looking for anagrams of itself. Tricky one--good job!
Jun 29, 2006

Um, udoboy? I'm sorry, but I know you'll appreciate this gem of knowledge. Read and read are homonyms: spelled the same, sound different. Read and reed, as well as read and red, are homophones: sound the same, spelled differently. Clever approach, though.
Jun 29, 2006

hey, this was already a brain teaser less than a month ago! Still good though
Jun 29, 2006

Finally, a practical use of!

Very nice teaser.
Jun 29, 2006

This was a well written teaser... But I had No Idea of what could possibly be the answer.
Jun 29, 2006

Nicely written teaser.
Jun 29, 2006

Very nicely done. I figured out the "trick" right away and got "stifle" but was totally stumped for the second word!
Jun 29, 2006

ow, my head.................
Jun 29, 2006

Brilliant!!! Oh, how I wish I had paid attention to the category, "Trick" ...
Jun 29, 2006

It was an absolutely fantastic teaser. I didn't get it, because I tricked myself by analyzing the word question. Keep up the superb efforts. Next time, I will pay closer attention.
Jun 29, 2006

Tricky, tricky. I was thinking way too hard. Very impressive teaser!
Jun 29, 2006

I think a little kid would get that easier than I did. I can't get over how great the teaser was.
Jun 29, 2006

I was racking my brain on this one, but it turned out to be a riddle. I was taking it way too literally. Nice work, I need an aspirin.
Jun 29, 2006

no offence but it was kinda easy...
Jun 29, 2006

I think I was one of the few who got "filets" but couldn't get "stifle."
Jun 29, 2006

Got it easily, but I think using quotes around "noun" and "neon" means you should use quotes around "itself". I know it's nitpicking, but consistency counts.
Jun 29, 2006

Great idea and so clever. I immediately got stifle, strutted way too much, then never figured out filets. Would love to see more like this.
Jun 29, 2006

good one, I knew itself was the word but couldn`t get the two anagrams.
Filet is to slice,bone or make into fillets........
Jun 30, 2006

Great teaser. Unfortunately I didn"t have enough patience to even try this one today. Very creative on your part tho. Maybe tomorrow will get me back on track.
Jul 01, 2006

filets- that which is left over after a fish has been cleaned and deboned.
Jul 02, 2006

I was braingled completely on this one. Clever.
Jul 03, 2006

These kind of puzzles are much like cancer; I got the hint but not the answer.

Jul 13, 2006

Wow I accually found that one out on my own with out the hint!!! Great job and keep them comming!
Jul 17, 2006

That was a very good teaser, though I don't agree that "itself" should have been in quotes. The answer would have been to obvious
Jul 23, 2006

You never actually stated the question itself.
(user deleted)
Jul 26, 2006

This one certainly got me racking my brain. Very,very good. Realised only after ten minutes. Cheez , how stupid can you get !

Here are some anagrams that are anagrams of the word itself at
tiles and more..
Oct 19, 2006

i got stifle but i didnt get the other one
Oct 26, 2006

Well done
It stumped me i didnt get eitheer
Dec 13, 2006

I knew that I was to find an anagram of the word "itself", however I didn't know what the words were. Nicely done
Jan 28, 2007

Mar 31, 2007

very nice but you gave it away by saying itself alot good teaser!!!
Jun 15, 2007

No wonder this is "trick"
Oct 05, 2007

Um the hint wasn't helpful at all. There was no question asked. But i like the repition of itself in the hint.
May 16, 2008

This was actually easy for me...nice one
Nov 30, 2008

I guessed stifle. It was easy. It is easy when you remember the category
Jun 29, 2009

Very good! I didn't get it! Teaser of the Day - Congrats
Jun 29, 2009

By thouroughly reading the question,it became pretty easy.
Jun 29, 2009

Good one. Thanks
Jun 29, 2009

I'm new at this and see that I have to learn to be much more sneaky and/or observant. Well done!!!
Jun 29, 2009

I didn't have a clue as to what I was looking for. I usually have no trouble with anagrams, but I never caught on that "itself" was the word I needed to anagram.
Boy, do I feel stupid? YES, I do !
Jun 29, 2009

very clever,i didnt have a clue!
Jun 29, 2009

I got the trick, but I couldn't think of any anagrams for "itself"
Jun 29, 2009

As soon as I read the hint I realized that you wanted an anagram made out of the word "itself" and I did get stifle, but not filets. To those who think the word "itself" should have been put in quotes, that would have given it away without the hint. We're supposed to do some thinking on these trick ones.
Jul 14, 2009

tricky tricky
Feb 26, 2010

Excellent teaser! Got it wrong (like usual).
Jun 07, 2010


*sigh* Like so many of my predacessors I was young and easily found the trick itself. Yet for the rest of my life I was stuck in the country, searching a meaningless search. Yes it was a lonely life on the farm. All alone. No one to talk to...
Jun 07, 2010

did I spell predacessors right?
Jun 14, 2012

Lol i figured out the trick but not the amagrams of itself...
Jun 29, 2012

May 02, 2013

I was checking on wikionary that "stifle" was correct when I saw "filets" under it (as an anagram, of course, WHY did they add those to definitions??) so I had to come up with a different 'other one'. I have heard the word "flite" used long ago, I gathered it meant a tiff or a tantrum, from the way it was used, so I checked to see if the plural "s" was correct, and it was so, to have a little fun :
Old Scottish Proverb:
If you value your life, do not start flites by telling your wife to "Stifle!" when she is making filets and still has the knife in her hand.
May 28, 2013

My take is that: a word that is an anagram of itself, that is, of 'word'. Could it be 'rowd' or 'drow'?
Mar 24, 2014


Ah, the English language! How we can play on words so easily is amazing some days. I figured out quickly what was going on here, but I only was able to get one of the correct answers (stifle).

Great job; keep up the good work.
Jun 29, 2015

I really need to start noting the category before I spend too much time trying to fihure some of these out.
As soon as I realised it was a trick, I got it straight away, but not until I had speng a good 5 minutes racking my brain.
Jun 29, 2015

ya got me! nice!!
Jan 17, 2016

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