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Sibling Birthday Discussion

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#36398
Fun:*** (2.96)
Difficulty:** (1.89)
Submitted By:scallioAus*****!
Corrected By:scallio




4 siblings are seated around a table discussing their birthdays. Can you figure out where each is seated as well as their age and birth month?

The oldest child is seated at the north end of the table while the youngest is seated on the west side. The child with the March birthday is seated on the east side.

Devon, whose birthday is in September, is not the oldest or the youngest.

The girl with the April birthday is older than Kylie who is 7.

The 8 year old, whose birthday is in the month before Brie's, is not seated at the south end of the table.

Kira, who is not seated at the north end of the table, is one year older than Kylie, but they share the same birth month.

One child is 2 years younger than Devon while another is 2 years older and the youngest is 3 years younger.

The 10 year old is seated at the south side of the table as far away from Brie as possible.


Brie, oldest, 12 years old, north side, April birthday
Devon, age 10, south side, September birthday
Kira, age 8, east side, March birthday
Kylie, youngest, age 7, west side, March birthday


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Apr 24, 2007

a bit simple if you put your mind to it, really, but still fun to do.
Apr 24, 2007

reeely reeely hard!!!
Apr 24, 2007

i think it might work better as a logic grid, still good though! keeep it up
Apr 25, 2007

hoo hoo.. nailed it on the head
pretty simple .. been a while since i have done succh puzzlles so was total fun
Apr 30, 2007

Um, couldn't Kira's birthday be in April and then Brie and Kylie's in May???
May 02, 2007

Yes, Peanut. You're 100 percent correct. I realized this teaser had an error shortly after submitting, and it was accepted anyway. I then submitted a correction before anyone had posted any comments and my correction was denied despite a thorough explanation!

I often submit corrections that are obviously correct only to have them turned down. I don't know who handles corrections, but I have to say, I don't believe an accurate job is done. I feel a few good people with good writing, spelling skills should be in charge. It is my belief that those in charge are too busy with other aspects of this site including community duties and approving teasers.

Sorry, everyone. Didn't mean to submit a teaser with an error. Sure didn't mean for it to stay incorrect either.
May 07, 2007

The teaser is now corrected. Thanks for your patience, everyone.
Jul 03, 2007

it was cool!

i was a little confused not sure what it was...


keep it up!

p.s. i dont know HOW you come up with those!
Mar 29, 2008

Ummm how can the person on teh south side, as far away from Brie as possible, be teh 10 year old... as tehre are younger children adn the first thing stated is that the YOUNGEST child is sitting ont eh south side...

Mayeb I'm just being daft but i think this is a flaw!!
Mar 30, 2008

The YOUNGEST is sitting on the West-- not the South as you have stated.
Aug 18, 2008

theres totally still an error! it says that kira and kylie share the same birth month even though kira is born in march and kylie is in april. but other than that sweet riddle!
Aug 18, 2008

Freyantor- you've made a miscalculation; Kira and Kylie both have March birth months.

Brie, oldest, 12 years old, north side, April birthday
Devon, age 10, south side, September birthday
Kira, age 8, east side, March birthday
Kylie, youngest, age 7, west side, March birthday

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