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Military Fun

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#36979
Fun:*** (2.79)
Difficulty:*** (2.15)
Submitted By:soccerguy0428Aus*!!!!!




One day 7 friends, Stephen, Felicia, Anna, Clark, Brad, Abby, and Jessica, decided that they wanted to pretend they were in a war. So, Stephen went to his older brother, and his brother said that you need to be ranked in an army before you go into battle. So, for the next week the brother set up obstacles that the kids had to do and moved them up or down in rank depending on how well they did. Here is the list of ranks that the brother came up with:

1. Lieutenant General
2. Brigadier General
3. Colonel
4. Lieutenant Colonel
5. Major
6. Captain
7. First Lieutenant
8. Second Lieutenant
9. First Sergeant
10. Sergeant
11. Corporal
12. Private

Can you figure out how high each of the 7 friends is ranked if they all started out as a Private with these clues?

Day 1
Brad is promoted by 1, Abby doubled that, Felicia doubled Abby's promotion, and Stephen doubled Felicia's promotion.

Day 2
Jessica is moved to First Sergeant, Anna is moved 2 above that, and Clark is moved 4 below Anna.

Day 3
Stephen and Anna are both promoted by 2, Clark is promoted by 1, and Jessica is demoted by 1.

Day 4
Abby is demoted by 1, Jessica is moved to the lowest rank, and Felicia is moved to Captain.

Day 5
Everyone who had been promoted on Day 1 is moved up by 1.

Day 6
Anna moves up by 2, Clark moves up by 4, and Jessica moves up by 1.

Day 7
No promotions or demotions.

Do you know the order of how high the 7 friends are ranked in their play army?


On Day 1 we know that Brad is moved up to Corporal; Abby doubled that, so she moved up by 2. So, she is now a Sergeant. Felicia doubled Abby's promotion, so she is moved up to Second Lieutenant. Stephen is moved up by 8, a Lieutenant Colonel.

Then on Day 2, it says that Jessica is moved to First Sergeant, and Anna moved 2 higher than that, a First Lieutenant, and Clark is moved 4 below Anna to Corporal.

On Day 3 Stephen is moved up to Brigadier General and Anna to Major. Clark is moved to Sergeant, and Jessica is moved down one to Sergeant.

Day 4, Abby is moved down to Corporal, Jessica is moved down to Private, and Felicia goes up to Captain.

Day 5, everyone who had been promoted on Day 1 is moved up, and that's Stephen, Felicia, Abby, and Brad. Stephen is now Lieutenant General, Felicia is a Major, Abby is a Sergeant, and Brad is a Sergeant.

Day 6, Anna is moved up to Colonel, Clark is moved to Captain, and Jessica is moved to Corporal.

The order of the 7 friends at the end are:
1. Lieutenant General Stephen
2. Colonel Anna
3. Major Felicia
4. Captain Clark
5. Sergeant Abby
5. Sergeant Brad
7. Corporal Jessica


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