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Military Fun 3

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#40652
Fun:*** (2.26)
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Submitted By:soccerguy0428Aus*!!!!!
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Please do Military Fun and Military Fun 2 first before doing this teaser. This teaser continues on from the first and second times the friends got together, and will give away the answer to Military Fun and Military Fun 2. So, please do those teasers first.

This time the same 10 friends are going to go through a training camp so that they can be ready for their next pretend battle. More friends are finding out about this military fun and want to join, Private Brianna and Private Ben have come into this group too. Today the friends will be running 3 laps around the park. At the end of the race, the friends will move up or down in ranks according on how they did. If you can't move up or down any ranks, you will stay in the same rank that you are currently in. The scoring will be as follows

1st Place- Move up 5 ranks
2nd Place- Move up 4 ranks
3rd Place- Move up 3 ranks
4th and 5th Places- Move up 1 rank each
6th and 7th Places- Stay the same rank
8th and 9th Places- Move down 1 rank each
10th and 11th Places- Move down 2 ranks each
12th Place- Move down 3 ranks

The ranks people have right now:

Lieutenant General Stephen
Colonel Anna
Major Felicia
Captain Clark
Sergeant Abby
Sergeant Brad
Corporal Jessica
Private Paul
Private Kelsey
Private Luke
Private Brianna
Private Ben

This is a list of the ranks again, just in case anyone forgot it.
1. Lieutenant General
2. Brigadier General
3. Colonel
4. Lieutenant Colonel
5. Major
6. Captain
7. First Lieutenant
8. Second Lieutenant
9. First Sergeant
10. Sergeant
11. Corporal
12. Private

The First Lap:

Stephen, Ben, Paul, and Jessica took off sprinting taking the top 4 spots. Felicia and Brianna aren't far behind though. Kelsey, Anna and Abby were bringing up the back as they had a late start.

In the top 4 runners, the bottom two ranked people were doing the best and the top ranked person was doing the worst. The Major was in 6th place as Brianna passed her for 5th. Luke was just about to pass Felicia, but tripped and fell back to 9th place as Clark and Brad passed him in that order. The back three girls were in their places according to their rank, the highest rank being 10th place and the lowest rank being 12th place.

The Second Lap:

Paul slipped on a water puddle and fell back to third place, leaving the person he was right by, way in front. Clark moved up 2 spots, pushing those two people back one place each. Then, Felicia and Anna switched places, and Luke and Brad switched places. The people in 11th and 12th ended up switching places just before the third lap as well.

The Third Lap:

The two people in 10th and 11th place switched spots, the two people in 5th and 6th places switched spots, and the two people in 7th and 8th places switched spots. Brad ended up getting passed by the two people directly behind him, and Jessica was passed by the person directly behind her. Everyone then finished in the order that they are currently in.

Can you figure out which place everyone is in, and what rank they will be after this race?


The Order the finished in was: Ben, Paul, Jessica, Stephen, Brianna, Clark, Luke, Anna, Kelsey, Felicia, Brad, Abby.

Here is how they got there:

On the first lap the top 4 runners were Stephen, Ben, Paul, and Jessica. Felicia and Brianna weren't far behind which means they were in 5th and 6th place. With Kelsey, Anna, and Abby in the back (10th, 11th, and 12th places), that means Luke, Brad, and Clark were in 7th, 8th, and 9th. In the top 4 runners, the bottom two ranked people are Ben and Paul, which means that they were in 1st and 2nd, and the top ranked person was doing the worst, Stephen, which means that he was in 4th putting Jessica in 3rd place. Brianna was in 5th place, and Major Felicia was in 6th place. Clark and Brad passed Luke in a certain order, making Clark 7th, Brad 8th, and Luke 9th. The three girls in back then were in their places according to their rank, so that put Anna in 10th, Abby in 11th, and Kelsey in 12th. So, now we know what place everyone is after this lap.

On the second lap Paul slipped and was passed by Jessica, putting Ben in 1st, Jessica in 2nd, and Paul in 3rd. Clark moved up 2 spots putting him in 5th place, Brianna in 6th place, and Felicia in 7th place. Felicia then switched places with Anna, which put Felicia in 10th place, and Anna in 7th place. Luke and Brad switched places as well, which put Luke in 8th, and Brad in 9th. The 11th and 12th place people switched places too, which put Kelsey in 11th, and Abby in 12th.

On the third lap the 10th and 11th place people switched spots, putting Kelsey in 10th, and Felicia in 11th. 5th and 6th place switched, making Brianna in 5th, and Clark in 6th, and the 7th and 8th place people switched, putting Luke in 7th and Anna in 8th. Brad was passed by the two people who were directly behind him which made Kelsey in 9th, Felicia in 10th, and Brad in 11th. Jessica was also passed by Paul, the person directly behind her, putting Paul in 2nd, and Jessica in 3rd.

Their new ranks are:
Lieutenant General Stephen
Lieutenant Colonel Anna
Captain Clark
First Lieutenant Ben
First Lieutenant Felicia
Second Lieutenant Jessica
Second Lieutenant Paul
Corporal Brianna
Private Luke
Private Kelsey
Private Brad
Private Abby


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