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The Strange Island

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#47165
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:** (1.36)
Submitted By:greenturtles****




You are touring an island, but it is not any old island. All the residents here are either a type T or L person.

Type T people ALWAYS tell the truth.
Type L people ALWAYS lie.

Now a person comes up to you and says, "I am a Type L person."

What type of person are they?


A tourist.

A type T could not say that, because he would be lying. A type L couldn't say it, because he would be telling the truth. So the person couldn't be either. Also, since your are touring the island, there are probably others too. And a tourist could either lie or tell the truth. In this case, he would be lying.


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Jun 06, 2010

Hey, first comment!

Good teaser!
Jun 07, 2010

If they "ALWAYS" lie then how could one tell the truth? regardless of the answer.
Jun 07, 2010

Yay, I got it right. I love teasers like this where I get them right but it is still not super-easy. A++ to whoever wrote this teaser. Definetly going under my faves and will get a full star for fun and half a purple thingy for popularity. You don't find teasers this good anywhere.
Jun 07, 2010

SliceOPi, they aren't telling the truth because they are not really the L people, they are tourists.
Jun 07, 2010

I thought the tour guide ... nice teaser
Jun 07, 2010

Good teaser, but very easy.
Jun 09, 2010

I thought it was you, talking to yourself.
Jun 12, 2010

I liked this one - even though I got it wrong!!
Jun 13, 2010

Oh! haha. Nice teaser
Jul 13, 2010

Another reason it's not type T or L is because everyone would say that they are type T.

Best riddle!!!A+++++++=this riddle
Aug 10, 2010

omg i actually got this one
(user deleted)
Oct 29, 2010

lol nice one
Dec 09, 2010

I liked this one. I thnk I've heard it before somewhere.
(user deleted)
Feb 17, 2011

i dont like this 1 it herwts my head
Nov 04, 2011

Nov 21, 2011

I got it right. I said a non-resident so I was close enough.
Nov 07, 2012

Togglers—Alternately tell the truth or lie.
Togglers often say "I LIED!!" when telling a lie.
Jul 09, 2013

that was a nice one
Jul 23, 2013

Who the heck raised the people that live on that island?!?!?!? Who were the parents, and are they crazy? I love this riddle.
Aug 01, 2013

I thought it was a paradox.
Feb 11, 2014

Not one of my favorites. Kind of dumb!
Feb 11, 2014

Have heard this one before.
Feb 11, 2014

I never heard this one before. I just thought it was mis-written. It was not a T or an L. I never thought of a tourist.
Feb 11, 2014

This is a pretty old one, but a good one nonetheless. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories.
Feb 19, 2017

Same as yesterday. (see TOTD for Feb 1. Here's what I said:

I really, honestly, can't believe this.

Most recent posters have been squealing like stuck pigs about ....

"no new teasers ..........."

"no new teasers ..........."

And, here ... here .... is one of the best recent ones (last month) again re-run today as a TOTD.

A very good "language" teaser. And language teasers are the 'life-blood' of Braingle.

It got ONE comment when it was introduced, and only TWO today.

REALLY, REALLY sad, folks.

Braingle is dying.

Does no one care?

PM me if you want to hear my suggestions about what to do about it.

I'll bet I won't get many.

Feb 19, 2017

I enjoyed it-gave my morning-mind that nudge it needed! Thanks
Feb 20, 2017

Oh that was clever!!

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