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Word Grid 7


Puzzle ID:#48945
Fun:*** (2.2)
Difficulty:*** (2.81)
Submitted By:cnmne*us*****




Arrange 25 five letter words in a 5 by 5 grid. The five words in each row and each column and each diagonal share a common letter. There are 12 different common letters. The grid cells are identified by row (1 to 5, top to bottom) and column (1 to 5, left to right). Example: Cell 3.2 identifies Row 3 Column 2.

The words are: anvil, boast, brake, cable, chose, globe, hound, joust, ounce, phase, plumb, prove, quash, rabid, ripen, rough, spawn, suave, tepid, topic, trunk, venom, voice, wheat, yearn.

One letter of each word is provided in the grid.
Row 1: h k l n b
Row 2: a u s d o
Row 3: o i e r t
Row 4: w g m e i
Row 5: s c v u p


phase brake anvil spawn boast
quash plumb suave hound joust
rough rabid prove yearn trunk
wheat globe venom ripen tepid
chose cable voice ounce topic

Common Letters
Rows 1 to 5: a, u, r, e, c
Columns 1 to 5: h, b, v, n, t
Diagonals 1 and 2: p, o

1) Cell 4.1 contains "w", so it must be either "spawn" or "wheat". Cell 4.2 contains "g", so it must be either "globe" or "rough". Cell 4.3 contains "m", so it must be either "plumb" or "venom". Only one combination of those words share a common letter. Cell 4.1 is "wheat", Cell 4.2 is "globe", and Cell 4.3 is "venom". The words in Row 4 must share "e".
2) Cell 1.2 is "brake", since that is the only word with a "k" that shares a letter with "globe". Since "e" has already been assigned, the words in Column 2 must share "b". Cell 2.2 contains "u", so it is "plumb". Cell 3.2 contains "i", so it is "rabid". Cell 5.2 contains "c", so it is "cable".
3) There is only one unused word that contains "l", so Cell 1.3 is "anvil". For a similar reason, Cell 1.5 is "boast". The words in Row 1 must share "a".
4) Cell 2.4 is "hound", since that is the only unused word that contains "d" and also shares a letter with "boast" and "globe". The words in Diagonal 2 must share "o".
5) The words in Column 3 must share either "n" or "v". Cell 5.3 contains "v". There is no other word that has both "n" and "v", so the words in Column 3 must share "v". Cell 2.3 is "suave".
6) The words in Row 2 must share "u". Cell 2.1 is "quash".
7) Cell 1.1 contains "h" and must share "a", so it is "phase".
8) The words in Diagonal 1 must share "p". Cell 3.3 contains "e" and must share "p" and "v", so it is "prove". Cell 5.3 is "voice".
9) The words in Row 3 must share "r". Cell 3.1 is "rough". Cell 3.5 is "trunk".
10) The words in Column 1 must share "h". Cell 5.1 is "chose".
11) The words in Column 5 must share "t". Cell 2.5 must also contain "o" and "u", so it is "joust". Cell 4.5 must also contain "i" and "e", so it is "tepid". Cell 5.5 is "topic".
12) The words in Row 5 must share "c". Cell 5.4 is "ounce".
13) The words in Column 4 must share "n" ("o" and "u" are already assigned). Cell 4.4 must also contain "e" and "p", so it is "ripen". Cell 3.4 is "yearn". Cell 1.4 is "spawn".


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