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The Necklace

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#6358
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:** (1.71)
Submitted By:RHPSRuLeS****
Corrected By:eighsse




Mr. Whatshisface owns a jewellery store downtown. His prized possession is his 10-carat diamond necklace that he so lovingly cares for. Everyone downtown knows that he keeps a glass replica in the small case on his counter so people can view this exquisite piece of jewellery. On December 24, 9 PM Eastern Standard Time, two tall, skinny men wearing black ski masks barged their way into the shop and stole the code to the safe. Mr. Whatshisface was not at the shop and the robbers decided to take his prized necklace. For fake blackmail, they took the one on the counter too. In case they had to give him back one, they would give him the fake one. The robbers tiptoed across the marble floor and out of nowhere, a loud siren went off. They slipped what they thought was the real one in their pocket and dropped the other one as they skittered out the lock-picked door. Mr. Whatshisface came into his shop in a hurry. He picked up the necklace and examined it. Police sirens rang in the distance and soon the cops arrived to examine the scene. "Don't worry," Mr. Whatshisface said as he closed the open safe. "They didn't get away with anything." What did Mr. Whatshisface figure out, and how?


The robbers took the glass necklace, not the real one. If they dropped the glass one, it would've shattered. But the necklace Mr. Whatshisface found was intact and didn't have a scratch on it, so it must've been made out of diamonds.

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(user deleted)
Aug 17, 2002

thats pretty cool
Aug 17, 2002

I thought the answer was that he actually had the real diamond necklace in the case and just let everyone think it was in the safe. That way, if anyone tried to steal it, they would go for the safe and take the wrong one unknowingly. I liked the real answer too though.
(user deleted)
Aug 19, 2002

So I guess you were lying when you said, "They slipped the real one in their pocket and dropped the fake one as they skittered out the lock picked door."
Sep 15, 2002

I would have to say that the given solution is bogus. Ever drop a marble? They're solid glass just like the false diamond- they don't just shatter if you drop them- even the ones that are bigger than a ten carat diamond.
Sep 15, 2002

I agree with noctividus u said they slipped the real one in their pocket and dropped the fake one thats impossible if they acctually dropped the real one.
Sep 15, 2002

I thought the official answer was absurd. Even if a glass necklace were
dropped on a ceramic tile floor it probably would not break. The answer of Mr Whatsis....putting the good necklace in the showcase to fool everyone was the most logical. So there!
Sep 15, 2002

I think that teaser was very good. Everyone else is thinking too hard. Though I must also say I thought the real was on display, and the fake in the safe. But that answer is much better.
Sep 15, 2002

Too easy man!!!
Sep 16, 2002

I thought it would have something to do with the diamonds scratching the marble floor. I agree that a glass necklace wouldn't shatter, but it would probably get chipped falling on a marble floor (as would a marble).
Sep 16, 2002

I thought the real one was in the glass case to fake people.
Apr 28, 2003

Have you been reading Encyclopedia Brown the very mistery was in there the police cheif was testing other policemen.
I liked this teaser
(user deleted)
Feb 22, 2006

Found this one a bit misleading, and I agree that something that big of solid glass wouldn't necessarily shatter. But oh well! It was fun to puzzle at for a while.
(user deleted)
Dec 07, 2007

I got this one This is the first time i've posted/been on the site and this one is the only i've got right so far
May 19, 2010

I got it right. Really easy but I still like it
Sep 02, 2013

ONE: The glass necklace would certainly not shatter 100% of the time upon being dropped. Mr. Whatshisface doesn't even know from how high it was dropped.

TWO: You specifically, factually state that the crook put the real necklace in his pocket, and dropped the fake one.

THREE: "Karat" (kt) is the term used in measuring the purity of gold. "Carat" (ct) is the term used in measuring the weight of a diamond.

Three strikes, you're out.

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