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WTB: Active Store Revamped! Boss Bazaar

Index | Name | Price | Quantity | Effect

1. Close Shop | 5 | 1 per opening | Disallows purchasing of player items. Generates an Open Shop item costing the same as this. (This item increases in cost by 2 each time it is used.)

2. Lower Wages | 7 | 1 per round | All posts now worth 0.5 or negates an Overtime Pay. Lasts until End of Round.

3. Cheese | 7 | 3 | Collect three of them and the identity of the Rat will be revealed to you!

4. Job Search | 16 | 1 per 24hrs | Send a Boss Challenge (that you create) to the workers. If no one gets it in 24 hours, a player will be fired at random. (Start early, and you must provide the moderator with the correct answer and summary.)

5. Pink Slip | 21 | 1 per round | Fire a player immediately. Does not work if firing the player causes the Boss to win.

Back to the game:;round=6
Guide to WTB Moderation

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